Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My year

Has been good, and very blessed as you all know...then michelle gets a new puppy... and tankie is gonna be a daddy , we found him the PERFECT women lab, she is a yellow lab, and whats funny is her owners last name is mcdonald, no relation to my sisters family....she is papered and we will proably get one...o.k. if we do do this we'll be getting one... very cool, tankie jr.
now for my new years stuff... things i will be doing and hoping to do.....I will be starting a new job, at the boys and girls club, i will stick with the brownies as The girls love me, ummmmmm,be a better mom, see my a better wife, cook more,,(recipes please, easy ones )lose weight..try to be a better person, more caring and patienced...not smoke..have not had a cig all day, not since last night....ummmmm,see my family sister only lives ten fifteen minutes away and we never see each other...( we are both busy, but still we are sisters who should make more time for each other)see my mom more....

o.k and lastley try to post at least 1 time a day!

Well happy new years to all my friends!

New Year Baby
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Went o the movies

And we saw bedtime stories, it was all right , but then we snuck in to marley and me at the very end and its a tear jerker... trust me the last five minutes of this movie and dave an i are bawling....we are such good examples for our girls......

and now dave and the twins are making cookies, and michelle says something to her dad about being old, and i tell her your only as old as you feel, she looks at her dad and says so your 7????

hope every one had a good day...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow days and holidays..picutures i promised

This is long so be patienced, If you can tell we live in so. cali, because we are so happy we got snow, but like many people i do not truly think if i had to deal with this all the time,i would be this happy i would go nuts,and my god driving was awful.. then i think the people that live in this white wonder,truly must laugh at us because we get a couple of inches, and we do not have a clue as what to do or how to drive in this stuff, but the people who live in this proably think,lol look at them cali. fools and they only got an inch or two...well my hubby is fixing my dryer as mine died yet again....hopefully he can do it, because i HATE hanging up clothes!!!!!

christmas was good

And this year no mood swings either, thats a double plus here.....the kids all got there presents..well except for michelle, she is getting a new puppy,something that is big so tank wcan have a friend as well and not a male as tank will beat him up! we did look for puppies before christmas but there was none that just jumped out in front of me and grabbed me.....I even got rid of my bassett hound as tank was mean to him.. well have a happy day

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well today has been a good day, we went to dave's work lunch at this really good japanesse place,and they have the best sushi..ummmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then we went to his brothers and had a really good dinner, I'm so stuffed i really went off my diet..(aunt doral I'm starting my diet again fri.)anyways we had a good time at the in laws, but I did miss my phone call from smocha...grrrrrrrrrrrrr been waiting for that one for days...........So i have promised my self right after the opening of the presents,my present to me is calling her.....And this will be the first christmas ever without my oldest daughter and her son.....i'm crying floods of tears..and god i do miss her so, but i know she is good where she is just is weird......

well the girls are still up, and i wanna go to have a good and blessed day!
Merry Christmas...

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yes it snowed and snowed

Well it snowed and snowed and snowed , i would guess about a good foot or better....the picture above is one that i took from my phone, it is in the corner of my back yard!and of all the pictures I took and yes I took tons, this is my favorite!!!I would of course put them up for alll to see,and my thanksgiving pictures and my just stuff pictures, except i can not, as i need a new cord for my camera.....any ways, I finally got my christmas shopping done...thanks to the weather i am behind... but on the upside this is the first year i will not be doing wrapping on christmaas eve! yea.. well it is late so I must sign off....
night all

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my side bar fell yet again

well i need all who read my blog to comment so i can add you to my side bar once more as you can see i had to change my page.....
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh i forgot to tell about the fire.....

so the girls and i are going to the liquor store, and lynzie yells mom theres a fire i look over and right next to the liquor stire,and i'm talking right next to the building,the is a fire just getting started...right in the middle of a bunch of what do i do , grab my fire extinguisher and used it.. ok they used it...and let me tell you those small fire exinguishers don't work real well but enough to sloww it down , to get water on it...

one last thing, there is a women at work whos son got into a car accident and died,on impact, someone ran into him.. he was is very pleaase say rayers for there family...

have a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm behind yet again

Well it seems i start to update and things start to get really crazy here, so the kids are at school and i have a few minutes before i have to get ready for I'm finally updating...and then the phone rings....x2....I can't type and talk at the same time..

So i finally got that check thing fixed after the bank put it threw twice,now wouldn't you think that a 20,000 dollar check,for a friggin water bill would seem like an over site, but the bank was great, the rest of the week went about as good as it started, stressful,that check thing happened on a Monday night , then my sis calls and tells me her arm might be broke, ( 2 days before thanksgiving),but it was not, (she found out after thanksgiving) so she did make one heck of a dinner with arm in cast thing and all!!!!!once again her dinner was the best!

on Fri. after thanksgiving on Fri. Dave and i start our shopping,and all is good ,till sat when i go to the store to buy the forbidden cig, and they tell me my debit card is DECLINED, what the hell, since Dave just deposited his pay check fri....well that damn check was still haunting me, grrrrrrrrrrr....we were over drawn 18,000 dollars.damn, i do not think i have ever been that stressed....and all the while still thinking my water bill is still not mom did come up for thanksgiving and yes she did stay here for 2 nights, i asked my mom, if i could borrow the money to pay the water bill and write her a check...she just looked at me...yea right.....then on Sunday, we are all visiting and my sister calls, her husband was choking on a piece of meat(carne asada) and needed to go to the hospital....a few things i learned if your choking on meat as follows: when your choking on meat that is dislodge, Do not jump on your tractor and go in circles, the bouncing motion will not dislodge it, do not stick a spark plug wire down your throat, it will not help,and you could tear you esophagus, and the hymlik does not always brother in law is just fine now, thank god...and it was a very serious situation...

Well i have every ones Christmas shopping done ,hmmm but my kids...damn how does that always happen...I've been working every day and it finally cold here 50 degrees and freezing grrrrrrr...doing the brownies, and being busy with that, the girls will be in the Christmas parade this weekend...which will be fun! so last week after my brownie meeting i had to go by the boys and girls club, to talk with someone and of course bitching about how unorganized about how our troop is and the women who runs the boys and girls club is there, and after i left she asked my friend if i would be interested in working there....yes another real job....of course i said yes, but i still have to go threw the application hopefully things will work out and I'll have another job!..

anyways just a quick note about marriage....sometime when people get married they dread there in laws..and as you all no my mother in law and i are not the best of friends and maybe never will be...but it is what it is ! but my husbands aunt is the greatest, she is a retired school teacher who right now is living in Oregon,but is just the nicest person in the world, yesterday i talked to her for about a half hour, and she is the type of person after you talk to you feel so good about yourself,she is not judge mental,and she is just the greatest, there are not enough things to say how woderful she truly is!anyways her and i will be sort of Internet dieting together and I'm very

well i must get going will try to update again before Christmas, no only joking!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Give Thanks
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Well hope everyone has a great day, I get to spend it withmy family, yea i know i sound like a re-run..but i love the holidays, christmas is my favorite, and you'll not catch me saying happy holidays, its merry christmas,s, and happy new years.....blah blah blah ,like the elections i could go on forever, but i will not, i must get my big ole butt in the shower and get to my sistyers ,damn i am suppose to be there now!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...i'm late..
have a great thanks giving...

Monday, November 24, 2008

schools out

Well school is out and the kids are bored, i'm frigging bored.. the most excitment i've had of late is when i went ot go pay a bill online and instead of putting 201.66
i somehow put 20,166 damn thats a big f(*&&* up grrrrrrrrrr, and when i relized it and called them back then the place was closed so now i get to worry all night whats gonna happen oh and the bank said there was nothing they could............thats what happens when i try to screaming threw the house , the dogs are fighting,the phone will not stop ringing and dave bless his heart,,ragging about something, then i hit the friggin send button, without paying any attention.......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So once again i'm behind..

yep way behind.....been busy but then not really, just working,nothing new there, the kids get really wild right before the holiday breaks so this has been interesting......brownies has been well brownies, the veterans day thing was so much fun ,dang now i'm re-running...

hmmmmmmmmmmm..o.k. thanksgiving, we are going to my sisters, and my mom is coming, hopefully she might even stay the night.. i no i sound like a damn whining child, well its my mom, and i hardly ever see her..Mom I love you....but then she knows it...anyways, so my mom does NOT drive in the rain, and of course the weather has been beatiful..but the other day i'm on my way home, from the dentist, and damn if the radio anoucers anouce it MIGHT friggin rain on thanks giving!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
so now i think my mom should just come up and stay the week, heck i'll even go pick her up, but then i know that won't work, because she hates not having a i say my prayers every night, god please don't rain on thanksgiving, i wanna see my mom!!!!!it would be great to have us all sister is the best cook....can't wait for the thanksgiving photos..

So lets name ten things we're thankfu for>

1. My kids

2. my kids health

3. my husband

4. My family

5. my job good friends

7. getting up every morning

8. a working computer

9. getting married to a wonderful man mom

11. my animals

12. my blog

13. being a brownie leader

14. all the people who read my blog

15. a great sister and brother

have a great day...or night....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well today was really good,the Girl scouts and brownies went to the old cemetery and put flags on the graves of vets...we also stayed for the celebration of our soldiers, which was really cool.
at the end they had a bag pipe who played Amazing grace, and my co-leader and i both started crying ,a p-152 mustang flew over head this was so awesome..the girls talked to some old vets and there stories were great to say the least...God bless both the solders of past and present....

here is also a video of Halloween pictures, my dogs tank, dufus and yes our cat eddy who is now getting along with both dogs.. and of course the events of the day.. at the end of this video there were 2 guys riding on Harley's flying there amazing flags, and yes i did follow them to get the picture..

hope every one had a great day..

Monday, November 10, 2008

hello quizzy

since i leed an exciting life.. i found this site stolen from smocha.....

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

me me me , tag your it

I don't normally do thse but i am going to try to be more up to date and this is all i have stollen from smocha..

and i must put up those pictures.. will do that in a bit!

Accent - California

Booze of choice - Vodka and cranberry juice ,bud limes

Chore I hate - everything..but laundry and dishes

Dog or Cat - both 5 cats and 3 dogs, and torstise

Essential electronics - Computer. Cell phone.

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - none, really i don't have any but will take spars, too poor to buy some,lol

Gold or Silver? - gold

Hometown - Tujunga,cali

Insomnia? - quite often.,thank god foe sleeping med.s

Job Title - Domestic Goddess,and mommy

Kids? -4 girls and 1 boy plus dave

Living Arrangement - really cool house

Most admired trait - my legs

Number of Sexual Partners - 1

Overnight Hospital Stays - 4 child births, c-section,gallblader

Phobia - heights, murderers

Quote - Sorry bout your luck

Religion - Christian

Siblings - One brother - one sister

Time I wake up - 7:00
most days
Unusual talent/skill - raising kids....

Vegetable I refuse to eat - plain old beans.

Worst habit - smoking

X-rays - Teeth.chest, leg

Yummy foods I make - Fudge and turkey and my favorite bisquits and gravy, i make the best of the best gravy(sausagegravy)

Zodiac sign - taurus,and i pretty much have these traits

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its been weeks...

Yes it has been weeks.. and sorry for that....
Hmm were to start, hm oh someone tried to break into my house, and they did come in , but thank god for alarm systems, i saw finger prints on the top of my computer, so what i think happen is when they came in, the alarm went off,and when whomever it was kept hearing the blaring alarm, figured the cops would be here soon and left! whew, now i lock my door and set the alarm....

I went to go have lots of blood work done and a two hour glucose test,(note to people, if you ever have this done bring a book)
And i did finnally go and have that ct scan done, my sister went with me, then we went to lunch, and it was yummy, there is nothing like a good Chinese restaurant...we had a great day!~
So the Dr.s finally call me and tell me I HAVE to go into there office for the results,(they usually give them to me on the phone)so now i am very worried and stressed, damn do i have cancer, why did i not quit smoking i go to the Dr.s and NO I do not have cancer, just some scar tissue from bronchitis, that i get every year..
but i am diabetic, my blood sugar was 232, which i guess is very high,and a fatty liver,which could leed to serossis of the liver, so now I'm fat(like i don't know that),and i can't eat fudge at Christmas..
hmmmm this explains why i seem so tired at the end of the day!
but i have goals...and it sounds pretty good,I'm gonna start exercising to the point where i can start jogging ,where i don't feel like i need oxygen, then maybe next year run walk in a 3k 5k i just need to not think about it and do it!

Halloween was great,the kids dressed up really cute, the girls and i walked up the street, then my sister came over and we all drove around the neighborhood,her husband drives and we walk then drive and walk ect. until a its too late and there are no lights on or we are just tired...we do this every year, and its fun, this year my nephew brought his little friend and she was cute..a little pirate...

and one last thing, last week at school there is this first grader and it seems he is always in some sort of trouble,so he was kickin the balls that are off limits to kicking and i told him to go put it away and come see me, well this said child is pron to not listening, anyways I'm watching him and tell him to hurry,and he tosses the ball in the basket and i tell him to hurry, again this little boy turns and starts to run back in a dead run, not realizing there was a basketball pole not three feet in front of him, and blam, he hit that pole full speed ahead, i was so shocked, this little child fell backwards, and when he got up he had the biggest lump on his was something straight out of a cartoon, he did go to the nurse and went home,was back at school the next day,not even a bruise. but damn i still could not believe it happened..

our brownie troop made flags out of construction paper and and wrote little notes on the back for our U.S. soldiers and we are gonna mail them to some troop in Iraq,today. its very exciting and the girl were so happy, then on Tuesday we are going to an old cemetery and put flag on some old veterans graves..

So what are every ones thanksgiving plans...on the 23 of this month we will be going with Dave to az,we're going to stay at the casino,they have an indoor water park, then we'll be back on the 26 and going to my sisters house for dinner..hope my mom goes, that would be awesome.. and my sister does know how to make the best turkey dinner...can't wait!

so now I am updated , will not lag anymore

just for fun:

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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well i tried to post a jeff dunham thing but noooooooooooooooooooo half of it went to my other blog.. got nothin so sorry , still not to much here, dave is still working in az...but he's getting bored with it, he misses not being home and we miss not having him here.. and when he gets home, he believe's he should be waited on hand and foot....we have totally diffrent ideas about this, i believe that since i am takig care of the kids 24 hours a day working myself,(SO WHO CARES IF IT IS ONLY 2 HOURS DAY) dropping off kids at boys and girls club doing laundry cleaning house.. cooking ,doing brownies, volunteering at the school going grocery shoppping,taking care of pets,(BOY MORTIES A tOUGH PET TO HANDLE), and then waiting on him god HE does not understand why i am exhausted!!!o.k. now that i'm done bitchy, really i don't mind.. but i do believe he Should just do his honey do list, and honey drinking beer, is not the only thing on your list!!!!well have a great day, i'm gonna go kick the couch and wake my husband up!!!!

Got nothin

But here's a good laughhere is the video of my new baby, oh and sassy..hope you enjoy!!!!!so the question is what should i name him Rufus,Dufus or Duke..oh and he is my beloved Clydes bro....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire trucks and birthday party's

the front of my house fri. night

Debs cake ,hope i look this hot when i am her age

So as everyone knows I've had the cough from hell again....everytime i start smoking i start thinking ,quite smoking stupid....I've tried...anyways i get home Fri. get on my Jammie's and head to bed.. about ninish my neighbors kid runs into the house "where's your mom" get out of the house,the house next door is on fire..damn if the house was on fire as we are standing out side hoping the wind does not shift. these missionary guys come up to me( mind you i look like crap, jammies and all) after they get done talking to the people who's house has burned and tells me,"you know were out here all the time if you ever need clothes or anything" make my night....could not believe it!the people are all right and only there garage and part of there house was lost...

so Saturday night we go to my friend deb's birthday party and party we did ,i got home about 4 in the morning good friends ,good food, good booze....anyways we go to bed and get woke up with my dogs full blown fighting, so i go running outside in my jammies, grab up my dog and then realize ,damn i have no panties on, and yes my neighbors are outside cutting wood.....facing my way.. about feeling hmmm shocked.. it was a moment...
hope evryones weekend was good! post picture when i get back from town!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

diary of a dying mom

on my side bar, the thing on the right, there is a blog, diary of a dying mom..i started to read it a couple of months ago, and as most of you know , keeping track of ones blog , you get to know that person.. this lady , was the story of strengh.threw her journey....of dying...of her life!

yesterday she died at around 3:30.. at home with her family around...please say prayers, for her and her family...and go read her journey..

take care, i'll post this weekend events later!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be hind in blogging

well i've been sick and just following way behind on my when i get to feeling better i will update..... better...get back into bed.. night

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Root,Awards, Rainbow. birthdays

anyways had to much fun yesterday and here is my post.....we had a small shin dig for the girls birthday, i ask my mom,to come up, last week because i know the weather has been HOT HOT HOT,and every time i ask my mom to come it on this day i ask her it is 95 or so outside mind you this was only a couple of days ago.....and she is COMING! yea i scrub i clean scrub clean..ect.. i wake up yesterday morning and there are RAIN clouds.. but they clear up.. its still chilly outside..and I'm like there is no way its gonna rain...yea just my luck my mom calls me and tells me it is poring rain , damn can you believe it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. so she did not come up, but she said she would soon and stay the night....can't wait I'm so excited...this is almost as exciting as getting ready for

so here is my video post..this first pictures are of the roots of the cottonwood trees we had taken out... then the next are pretty much self explanatory.....hope you enjoy, and had a good weekend

Friday, October 3, 2008

All 3

yep all 3 of my kids won there awards today, and yes i am very very very proud of them....i will post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well nothing knew

Dave is working on the colordo river, on the az, side...wish i was with him, we were thinking if he does that next week , taking the kids and i next week, but thats not is an issue.and i like having my job...even it is only a couple of hours a all know how that is...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
oh well next time...

my son was gonna quit footbal, but he has changed his mind, now if i could only get him to do his damn homework,do his school work..,oh and quit telling me no, god remember when your kids were 2 and how cute no was , let me tell you at 15 and they say know all i wanna do is jump him and whip him, know i'm only joking,i would not spank my kid.... but he is grounded till he graduates high school, i mght let him off for good behavior... we'll see. the teenage years suck....and when you have little kids they seemed to think they must follow in BIG brother, or sisters shoes....listen to me little children you do not.....
anyways enough for now.....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my girls..a day late

This is about one of the uglist cats i've ever seen,

My twins.....Victoria, on the leat michelle on the right

My twins as babies...Victoria on the left Michele on the right

maybe i should of posted these yesterday...anyways nothing much here.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sister Elisabeth

This is sister elisabeth, she is 98 years of age....And it was such an honor just to talk with her..

Where to start...mind boggles this morning...

once a year , in the small town of pearblossom, they have a huge yard sale that starts on the street of long view and goes all the way up to fort tejon,and it was great.(our first time), my sister usaully goes every year,anyways the sales are good, and it is at this same time, that the abby, had there fall festival,it is so nice up there,and i saw allot of people i knew, the grounds are just awsome, so michelle and i went into the picture gallery, and this is were i met sister elisabeth..I could not believe how good she looked, I met her and I asked her if i might take her picture,and she said yes... she grabbed my hand said a few really nice words, (this is were i got goose pimples)...

then we were off, we found a really pretty silver cross with puprple stones, it shines alomst like diamonds in the sun....I believe it is the prettiest cross i've seen....can't wait to get a chain for it...

then we went to dave's brother..we had a good time, and for all of you who does not no what to do with there left over turkey at thanksgiving make turkey and dumplings it is so yummy.....hope everyone had a nice weekend.. well i must go get dave ready for work he leaves for az. in a couple of hours!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Redondo beach,after the wedding.....

So we go to redondo and we park, and when walking threw the parking lot what do we see, a man and a women in a car with the women head in his lap!!!!!yea what could they be i start screaming Dave grab the camera , check this out,lol.....and you can tell they both froze.....what a moment......Some people just have no class....anyways we went to Tony's on the pier, (ate steamer's)clams, god there so good, had a drink,went back to the truck,(said couple was gone)..went to the crab shack, )god I love that place),ate crab, had a drink, went back to the room..when we got up, we went down to breakfast....yummy,then went back to room, Dave said he was not feeling he slept for about an hour, then we left.. and man let me tell you he really was sick, my poor hubby, we went bye his old job site, as you will see on my video, the casitas's look nice, and it looks like there just about done with the dirt work, i took pictures as we were driving down the coast but the ones of the lite house are the ones where his job was.......anyways when we got home , he went straight to bed, (this is when i knew he really was sick, he called into work, Dave never calls my poor hubby really was sick..the reason i did not think he was sick is because he was starting work on the freeway, and he hates working on any freeway, it's really nerve racking....but then he has never called in just because he hates his job, site either.....when he worked on the 14 people would throw trash bottles ect. at him and his co-workers(for my new blog readers,my husband is a heavy equipment operator.....well i must go shower..and get ready for work, god its hot outside,95+, I just keep telling myself, only 2 the sun..hmmmmmmmmm maybe I'll bring an shade me.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A prayer for seb.....

An american solider, he can't drink a beer legaly but he will be going to russia next month to fight in the war.....yes we are at war with russia..or we are gonna be..He is seventeen and a very nice kid!

he is my good friends say a prayer for seb...and a very awsome kid......

Monday, September 22, 2008

The wedding

here are the wedding pictures..its was a beatiful wedding...
the bride was gorgous...the before pictures, tho, are of the chickens that just love my mom's yard...the pictures of the fire are of the car burning on the freeway we saw on our way back from the wedding.. and the pictures of reddondo will be next.......hope everyones weekend was as good as mine!just one more note about the wedding, samathas dad passed a few years ago, and so did the grooms, before they said there vows they said and had a moment of silence,for both billy and james was so incredible, bye the time it was over we were all crying our eyes out......I beleive this was about the most touching wedding i've ever been to, including my own!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I got'em

My teeth that is , oh boy was that a momment, when i get there i try to put them in and there not workin for me, i can not even get them in.....damn grrrrrrrrrr
so he takes them in the back then and gets the big dremal we got teeth....
then i get home and dave tells me to make reservations at redondo.. as we are gonna kind of be almost there this weekend...sort of, my oldeset friends daughter is getting married...bye oldest i mean i have known toni for 41 years.. our daughters are three weeks to the day apart, and we have been threw more than allot of friends have been threw, and know it was not all good...or was it was what it was....and we still are friends as if we just saw each other , its really cool.....anyways..her daughter is getting married,and we are going , which will be cool....i'm excited.. can't wait to post those picture..hmmmmmmmm maybe toni will let me take pics of her this time......

anyways have a great day....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The kids


These are my good kids...well except for Alex thinking he is gonna run my life since he is in high school now, but that is another story.....

so yesterday i am at school, admiring the wall of fame(at my school the wall of fame is equal to student of the month)anyways, I'm looking and there is Victoria's name I smile how cool,then hark there is Michelle's name, now let me tell you that is a first for me, my twins on the wall of fame at the same time...oh but hold up.. are my eyes deceiving me there is lynzies name...Oh my god ALL 3 of my kids are on the wall of fame at once is is such a rare thing,I am bursting with yes i am bragging, because i start thinking man 5 years ago who would of thought i would be at this place in my life..I work at the school, I have great kids(except that teenager stage is gonna kill me)...I'm a brownie leader again....and now a football mom, yes my son is playing football... he calls me yesterday and asks"mom can you pick me up from practice"?his first practice,so when i pick him up i ask him what position he is playing he's not sure a blocker person.....well whats that ? this is when i find out my son no's nothing about he is trying to get extra credit points, well kudos to him, because i figure , by the time he is done, he will be in real good shape, no a new game...and have fun, plus keep his grades up! so those are all plus's....

before i have to pick him up tho, i go drop off my teeth, dentures, and they tell me we will have your teeth back by 5:ooPM tonight.. so i have to miss work today.. and as i'm lazing around, i get the phone call, Vicki your teeth will not be done till tomorrow...grrrrrrrrrrrr, but what can i do .....nothing just wait it out but i still have to go out in public to pick up my son once again with no teeth.. i think i will just sit in my car and wait for him......anyways have a great day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

follow my blog..

so on the right hand side just click on the follow my bog...and then you'll be following my blog..

well the weather has been great here, my heart goes out to the victims of ike...and my prayers....

last night we went to a neighborhood bbq, which was quite cool, all the neighbors got to gether and we all got to know each other a little better, which was a first for me....but there nice people, and of course the trashy next door neighbors were not there.....

anyways i must go, plese feel free to sign my following blog thing!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A moment of silence

To all the men ,women and children who lost there lives on this day...
and to all the american soldierds at war..

Well today was 911 so i thought I would post a flag and ask for a moment of silence....
god bless each and every one of you.

P.s. these pictures i took on my way out of school today....there our schools flags

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kern river, headquarters campground

Please be patienct, the first few pictures are of i don''t know what...the baby kitty who did not make it....

the rest are of the river, we had a great spot, this place was called headquarters, and it was great... we did fish but got nothin.. i wanted to call soul and get some advice, but did not have her no. so any advice for our next trip would be great....the fish that i am holding was well half dead..anyways this is were i want to go for my first wedding anniversary...and dave does agree!

the water edge was only about 10 , 20 feet from our camp and it was all sandy. and no rocks..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well i am not sure if the baby kitten is o.k. i sent him to my friends, son, girlfriends house who has a gift for baby hoefully he is o.k.

we went camping and had an awsome time....but had bad news.. we had a dog named pork chopped who loved to jump fences, sunday afternoon, he got loose with the cable running beside him or how ever it happened anyways right before we got home we got the news that pork chop jumped my fence his cable got stuck around a bike frame and he got hung... he was a good boy.. tho.. por michelle was devasted ....but she is doing well...

anyways have a great day

Thursday, September 4, 2008

oh what a crappy

So i have not updated lately but all i've been doing is working coming home and doing laundry, went to a couple of bbq's last weekend had a few bevy's.. o.k. maybe a few to many.. note to self STOP drinking chelada's.. but god there so good( for those of you who don't know a chelada is a bud light with clamato) and there are soooooooooo yummy...

so today we are getting ready to go back to the river with the in-laws...and i'm busy at work thinking of my busy day... finish work.. go to the bathroom...flush toilet....(damn, in goes my cell phone) fish my phone outta the toilet..(yes it still works)go home eat...get to brownies.. yes, i'm a brownie leader again...get home find half live kitty on porch...(damn cat is having her babies again and dropping them everywhere and leaving them behind......)Get ready to go to alex's back to school night, then go grocery shopping for camping trip... get home deal with kitty that is still alive.....god why do u do this to me......make dave's dinner and now here i am telling you all about my day!

one more thing...just wanna say happy birthday to the youngest 71 year old man i uncle...he is very cool and still looks good.....its amazing and thank god i have a crumb of those genes,via my grandmother....I love you uncle ray..Hope your birthday was a smash...or just fun.

have a great weekend will be posting pic.s monday night i'm going to the dentist to get my upper plate fixed and they will keep my teeth so i will not be going anywhere after that .......are'nt you all glad to know this......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

weighing ing

the proper way to weigh yourself

Saturday, August 30, 2008

scavenger photo hunt....

A cardinal
A blue jay, I think these were taken at lake degrey,in Ark.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our fun day

This is sassy Alex's new babt
And she is 4 years old,potty trained, which is a real plus
Alex on his birthday
His birthday spanking
tanky and his girlfriend
check out the deer
this puppy is really smiling......

karen and i had a really good day.. we are going to the poison concert tonight and she just arrived ,so i must go.. have a great night.. and i will write about the deer we saw when we were leaving wrightwood.....

Playing hookie

yep, i'm playing hookie today..and what a day its gonna a few minutues, i'll be taking my shower.. then getting dressed...and going to my sisters, we plan on going to lunch, in the small yet beatiful town of wrightwood...nestlesed in the angeles forest... which is very cool...

Well i sure hope that daves daughter doese write, as.....lynzie and i just mailed the letter 2 nights ago, and she is bugging me about checking the see if her sister has written her....hope she does..but like i said to her, she may not , things were pretty bad last time i spoke with her....but family is family and she is family all we can do is wait and see.. i've been behind on reading my i better go to that, oh and bye the more thing

smocha blogged about this web site,
(just copy and paste the link)..if ya like games this one is very addicting, yes i was up till midnight playing this darn thing..

have a great day all

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well nothin

Hmmmmmm i got so much to say i just don't know how to start off......well i'm just joking.. i should really download all my new pictures , but to darn lazyyyyy.......
My son turned 15 this last sunday, my how they grow.. and we saw and old friend which was kinda nice........o.k. it was nice....she is nice.....long story but hopefully we will keep in touch with her this time.

yesterday, i found daves oldest daughters address,so the girls wrote her a note and we sent pictures, hopefully she'll write back.. if not thats o.k.there was some daughter drama there.. but it still would be nice to hear from her...she has a baby girl and that wuld be cool to see her.. well we just have to wait and see.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

I got the picture hmmmmmmmmm

now if i could only get the darn me witch bag...poops

the contest

o.k. so i am trying to enter a blogaversary....from from marysays page, but i do not know how to put a link on my page andI tried to also put the picture thing on my this is how you get to it if ya wanna enter.....on my side bar.....the right hand row on the right of my page scroll down... when you get to soul read her blog......then click on the link from there.....sounds like a pain......but its really cool.. and she is giving away some neat things, plus the blog is really cool too......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

my son

Well my son got himself, o.k. we got him a new dachshund, for his birthday. witch is sunday! my god he will be 15..anyways she is 4 years old and i never in my wildest dreams ever thought i would have that small of a dog..i used to think dogs ankle high were good little golfs balls..and cute flying threw the air....not to offend anyone(I used to only have that mean old breed of pit bulls)...but let me tell you sassy is the most adorable thing....she is just a very cool dog, now to let her and tank meet!!!anyways sorry i have not posted....been busy but nothing to important or exciting....oh alex is now in football....that is good.

anyways night all

Friday, August 15, 2008

Its over

My little brother....
And my big sister....and i love'em both!
As most of you don't know my sister and i were in one of our terrible, heart wrenching sorry mom, fights.. and this one was a whopper.. I don't remember much of it,alcohol will do that to ya, and i do not want to remember , i just know we are talking again.. and all is well......
this is my imediate family ......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My wedding video

hoope this works.. and i'm sorry but i got so excited i sent everyone a copy, threw e-mail... and thanks aunt doral...we love you

Oh god let this work.....please,the kern river photos

Monday, August 11, 2008

kern river

So I have not been home, because Dave and i decided to go to the Kern river for the weekend with our friends deb and Steve and there daughter Shannon and we had a blast..oh my god its been years since i have been there and would love to move back there again, i have tons of pics but later tonight i will download them.. so we get there Fri. night deb and Steve held our spot...and its is hot but the river is gorgeous...we set up camp, and wait for deb and Steve to get back, at this point they still are not sure if we are going to be there and then they do get back to camp the excitement of it all!!!!I'm so glad we went..looking up at the stars,watching the stars has got to be the I'm thinking god why in the heck did i ever move from there....then i remember ,oh lets not go anyways we get up sat.and fix breakfast ,there is nothing like bacon and eggs up in the wide open air...cept, the uninvited bee's...but all was good.....we went down to the river, and lazed the day was a Chaldea,and bud lime weekend....and the kids all had such a great time.....i have not been camping like that in years...smocha and i did go yurt camping which was a blast.....but just watching the kids, playing in the river...and laying under the stars.. watching for the shooting stars was priceless.......and this is why i have not updated.......

So today was back to school, and yes work...I am no longer a sub...yea for me!!!!

i actually have a real time sheet..yea, and the kids those sweet little kids,they were so excited, and there is nothing like a child's hug...and i had a lot today!!!,Dave finally gets to go back to work, all is good...anyways will post pictures....tonight!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I tried and tried

so what i think i'll do is get a copy send it to smocha (she won't mind) it's not like she is moving to england or anything.. so all she has is time on her sweet little hands...Just joka smoch....if she would she and her sister do this kinda stuff all the time, soon maybe..anyways went to the ortho for the girls dentist.....michelle is good she does not need them right now......but the other 2 well the need these wire things that cost a damn fortune, thank god for good insurane...and i will soon get my self some new teeth!(I bet ya all wanted to hear that)Dentures baby.. maybe this time it will not feel like i have a clob of hard plastic in my mouth.......anyways......this was my day...hope ya all had a good day

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My wedding video

hmm i hope this works,i'm trying to upload my wedding video, so all my blogging friends and family can see wedding annoucement of sorts...smocha told me how to do this but she didn't tell me it would take like an hour......oh well it'll be worth it if it works!~-k- well its getting on to be an hour we are going on 2 hours.....-k- almost....well it did not work so i think i'll try to utube it....

Monday, August 4, 2008


well we did pretty much nothing today..trying to figure out how to fix those bare, dry spots in my grass... and yes i have even been hand watering it.. i think I'm just gonna have to polk holes in it and reseed parts of it...I love my roses are also looking shabby.....but that will come back in time.. tomorrow, i think will be a dry town day, as the girls and Alex go back to school next mon. and i go back to work...i was invited to the school and the staff breakfast on thrus.. didn't think i would ever be in this happy place in my life... thank the good lord above ,and the love of a good family and help me be where i am today... and especially my mom!!!! I Love you mom..
well enough of all that that.. I must get to bed, I have bags so bad under my eyes there hanging almost to my knees. :))

Night all

Sunday, August 3, 2008


told ya he was the cutest 3 year old i know
this was taken before he and my daughter moved to vegas

well today was pretty good...our neighbors invited us over for there grandsons 3 birthday.. which of course made me feel really good, but i was at the same time missing my own little grandson.. whoo bye the way is just the cutest baby i know of at his age....but i can't belive i'm gonna say this , for once in my life i am really considering taking or just learning spanish......people like my neighbors make you want to really get to no them, they no english, but it would be nice to talk to them more so i can really understand them.. they are nice people!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

school clothes and cops

the cops yep they were chasing this car
yep there were tons and tons
like ten or 11 cars...dave would not stop so i could take more pictures, no adventure i tell u

O.k. we got a new target..yep the ancipation of it all, and we go there to go clothes shop for the girls.....we all walk in.. check out there prices.. and head straight for wal-mart.. yep we spent half of what we would of spent at target...

and then when we walked out there we like ten or twelve cop cars......hmmmmmmmmmso now i must ask every stranger that i see as i'm walking into staters bro.. because stater bro.s is right across the street from wal-mart and that is where we go next.. and yep i find out that there was a police chase and three guys got my boring day does bring excitement!

saturday. and well nothing

then i start, cruzing my side bar blogs.. and only 2 people have updated so i'm thinkg, hmmmmmmmmmm maybe my computer is in yesterdays mod, then i relize that can't be ,because 2 people did update.. so then i think when people got nothing they say nothing, unlike me who can't seem to shut up...just ask smocha....she'll tell ya... she told me to be quiet, a time or two, do u think i did NEVER....hurt my good feelings..but thats o.k. it is what it is and i will never shut-up....see i have just blogged about absolutly nuthin!

Friday, August 1, 2008

yea whoooooooooooo

well my internet is so much faster, i had to delete about a zillion ladys, and gentlemen if your dsl is running slow delete those pitures... uh make sure you burn(copy) them first my plan of the day taken the kids to dry town...and going to the bank......have a good fri.. all

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A friendship quiz

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Honest

Like it or not, your friends are going to hear the truth from you.

You know that the truth hurts, but living a life of lies is much worse.

So while you're definitely kind and supportive, you don't pull any punches with your friends.

Everyone knows where they stand with you. And what you like and dislike about them.

While some may be initially turned off by your honesty, your friends have come to consider it a virtue.

After all, in world of white lies and deceptive politeness, you can be counted on for honesty and integrity.

Your friends need you most when: They need good advice or an intelligent opinion

You really can't be friends with: Needy, emotional people

Your friendship quote: "True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance."

this last ques, had multiple answer for me so i just picked out one

old friends

..Hmmm as everyone knows, i have been looking for a basset hound puppy, one that is not to I'm looking in the penny saver.. and i see an ad in the real estate section and there is an ad for rentals, blah blah Wendy ...the no. is bal blah..and my mid starts wonderng is this my dear old friend Wendy.. from adelanto.. the one i laughed with cried with.. went to willie nelson with.. so i call the no. and YES it is my dear old friend.. it is always so could to reconnect with good friends..and we did. so today we had a lot of good laughs, and yes shed a tear, or two... but things are good for her and her husband somedays name is dave.. how weird is that...i talked to smocha to, and she is well.. oh thank god....anyways have a great day peeps..i just stayed home and did favorite thing...not.........

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He's in high school


Finally i thought this would never get done.. then i 'm at the bus place and i see the above picture and yes it is a roach.. gonna go to dry town ......yeaso i must be off hope you all have a good hump day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what are you

You Are a Heart

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, "Love like you've never been hurt."

Your greatest wish is to have harmony in all of your relationships.

You can't help loving people, even when they're incredibly flawed.

You are a true romantic, and you are willing to give almost anyone a second chance.

earth quakes and high school

Well today i did make it to the high school, and yes my son is now enrolled ..then i dropped my friend off at her thing, then i am driving home, and damn there are a million cop cars around the corner raiding the same house there always at so i must drive bye(yes i am nosey) yep 8 cop cars, seems no one is home.....then i get home wait for the guy to fix my water lines out back.. so the tutor comes for michelle, (not sure if i like this guy< he could've shaved.. hmmmmmmmmm put on a clean shirt, at least he did not smell, thats a plus)anyways so the tutor leaves ,i'm watching the news and i feel this slow rolling and i jump up screaming KIDS GET IN HERE NOW,and bye now we are really rolling...damn i hate earthquakes!!!!!and i think the kids thoughtthere were in trouble, til the rolling really started, then my angels really started running to me........mind you this quake only lasted about 20 seconds...anyways its just after 1 o'clock...and i'm waiting to go to dry town which seems like that is only a wet but dry dream:( anyways have a great tuesday..all

Monday, July 28, 2008

Its her birthday

My dear freind debbie.. we will be friends firever and it was her birthday sat.. dang, and what do i do forget.. she never ever forgets mine and now i feel like crap.. HAPY BIRTHDAY dear friend......I love ya....and this space is just for her....:)

my day

has started off, well crappy, fighting with the kids is always fun, when will they realize i am the parent and you will do as i just get it done.. hmmmmm, probably never...well i have checked all blogs... now i must go take a shower as i'm off to go enroll my son in school.. then to the Dr.s and hmmmmmmm coming home.. sounds like a great day to me.. tomorrow i will be off to dry town...yea...dang i just relized tomorrow has no a in it.....

Sunday, July 27, 2008


well today i did nothin, i got nothin new to say either.. but thank the god lord above i had no hangover.....last night was a real humdinger... even tho i i wish i new now what i should have known last week.. grrrrrrrr ..
anyways tomarrow i go to the dr.hopefully they'll have the paper work so i can find out about that thing on my lung, then i go enroll my son in high school.. god kids grow up so fast......

me and my "sis"

are in our yearly fight so anything hateful she writes please disregard.. as when we are in these fights we are usually drunk.... or just so pissed off we care not what we say.. so if you see anything hateful from annoymus it is from her... karen i do love you even tho.. we are so mad we wanna scratch each other eyes out.. oh and ya owe me a shirt!!!!!!!really.......

Friday, July 25, 2008

my wedding pictures

I forgot to write that on our way up there we stopped and when we were standing out there i cut my foot open,thank god i wasn't wearing heels... enjoy, the wedding pictures are at the top. then the sight seeing pictures and the after wedding and limo pictures.. hoe you enjoy this is long......hope you all don't get to bored.!

my wedding story

We got to vegas around 11:00 and dave was tired so we went to bed, yes we're in vegas and he goes to sleep, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. but thats o.k. cause i'm tired as a dog.. we got up late and went to find breakfast.. after hours it seems of this, we go get wendi, my daughter.. and head out to find a chapel and i turn into bridezilla... i am shocked bye my behaver but it was what it was , me being a total bitch....we go get our lic. and on our way dave see's margarita ville.. and all he can think of is getting a drink and all i want is a chapal... dave lets get on the same page we go into the little white wedding chapel and i do not like it.. or just the lady who is helping us , so i say we are gonna look around for another place we might be back...BIG mistake.. now dave is realy whinning about a drink and i can't find a chapel, so we have to go back to the chapel, we go back after pleading with dave and telling him i'll be NICE!.. so we go back and get a really good package.. then we are off to margaritaviolle, yea.. the best drinks in town.. my future in laws get to vegas we go meet them off to dinner, then back to wait for the limo and get my makeup on.....things are going good... the limo was awsome....we get to the chapel andd they can't find our reservations.. no bridezilla , calm down..... phew they found it , i go get dressed and we are ready now the guy who is suppose to marry us is in the middle of another wedding sooooooooooooo

Monday, July 21, 2008

My wedding

We are on way to the chapel
this is were we got our lic.
Wendi and i at the chapel
everyone has to have a garter pic
the champagne toast,

Well i got home at four o'clock this morning.....and its 10:30 now yes I'm slow ...but i will write all about our trip.. and Vegas rocks.. thank god i don't live there and my fav.motel is harrah's

we had a great time