Saturday, August 2, 2008

saturday. and well nothing

then i start, cruzing my side bar blogs.. and only 2 people have updated so i'm thinkg, hmmmmmmmmmm maybe my computer is in yesterdays mod, then i relize that can't be ,because 2 people did update.. so then i think when people got nothing they say nothing, unlike me who can't seem to shut up...just ask smocha....she'll tell ya... she told me to be quiet, a time or two, do u think i did NEVER....hurt my good feelings..but thats o.k. it is what it is and i will never shut-up....see i have just blogged about absolutly nuthin!


SOUL: said...

well, here i am.. i got nuthin teeewwwww.
i could blog in your box.. since it's a ghost town over in mine.
everyone is a big ball of crybaby out here. we started out a big ole ball of fire-- rarin to go-- runnin here--runnin there-- and now-- not only is soulkid homesick-- soulman is too-- and ya know-- i don't think it would hurt my "good feelins" any to go home either.
but doesn't anyone realize that we leave after tomorrow?
i'm never takin the reigns on planning a vacation again.
hubby can't find the menu-- soulkid misses her dog--and, she's hungry-- and me? i'm just tired of all the wha baby ness.
well, and my neck still hurts.
oh and hubbby just informed me of a 250.00 fine for smokin in the hotel room... i've done that a little for the last two mornings in the bathroom-- not like i chainsmoke all day in the main room.

feel better?
you could be here with me and my cry-babies.

have a good weekend.

desert dirt diva said...

that would be better than nuthing......hope ya don't get fined...