Monday, July 28, 2008

my day

has started off, well crappy, fighting with the kids is always fun, when will they realize i am the parent and you will do as i just get it done.. hmmmmm, probably never...well i have checked all blogs... now i must go take a shower as i'm off to go enroll my son in school.. then to the Dr.s and hmmmmmmm coming home.. sounds like a great day to me.. tomorrow i will be off to dry town...yea...dang i just relized tomorrow has no a in it.....


Mary said...

Don't ya just hate having school start in early August? Well, at least the two grandsons will have new clothes on their butts and shoes on their feet. Let's see how long before they grow out of them.

Good luck with enrolling son in school. Bless his heart I know he hates it. I always did.