Thursday, November 27, 2008


Give Thanks
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Well hope everyone has a great day, I get to spend it withmy family, yea i know i sound like a re-run..but i love the holidays, christmas is my favorite, and you'll not catch me saying happy holidays, its merry christmas,s, and happy new years.....blah blah blah ,like the elections i could go on forever, but i will not, i must get my big ole butt in the shower and get to my sistyers ,damn i am suppose to be there now!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...i'm late..
have a great thanks giving...

Monday, November 24, 2008

schools out

Well school is out and the kids are bored, i'm frigging bored.. the most excitment i've had of late is when i went ot go pay a bill online and instead of putting 201.66
i somehow put 20,166 damn thats a big f(*&&* up grrrrrrrrrr, and when i relized it and called them back then the place was closed so now i get to worry all night whats gonna happen oh and the bank said there was nothing they could............thats what happens when i try to screaming threw the house , the dogs are fighting,the phone will not stop ringing and dave bless his heart,,ragging about something, then i hit the friggin send button, without paying any attention.......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So once again i'm behind..

yep way behind.....been busy but then not really, just working,nothing new there, the kids get really wild right before the holiday breaks so this has been interesting......brownies has been well brownies, the veterans day thing was so much fun ,dang now i'm re-running...

hmmmmmmmmmmm..o.k. thanksgiving, we are going to my sisters, and my mom is coming, hopefully she might even stay the night.. i no i sound like a damn whining child, well its my mom, and i hardly ever see her..Mom I love you....but then she knows it...anyways, so my mom does NOT drive in the rain, and of course the weather has been beatiful..but the other day i'm on my way home, from the dentist, and damn if the radio anoucers anouce it MIGHT friggin rain on thanks giving!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
so now i think my mom should just come up and stay the week, heck i'll even go pick her up, but then i know that won't work, because she hates not having a i say my prayers every night, god please don't rain on thanksgiving, i wanna see my mom!!!!!it would be great to have us all sister is the best cook....can't wait for the thanksgiving photos..

So lets name ten things we're thankfu for>

1. My kids

2. my kids health

3. my husband

4. My family

5. my job good friends

7. getting up every morning

8. a working computer

9. getting married to a wonderful man mom

11. my animals

12. my blog

13. being a brownie leader

14. all the people who read my blog

15. a great sister and brother

have a great day...or night....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well today was really good,the Girl scouts and brownies went to the old cemetery and put flags on the graves of vets...we also stayed for the celebration of our soldiers, which was really cool.
at the end they had a bag pipe who played Amazing grace, and my co-leader and i both started crying ,a p-152 mustang flew over head this was so awesome..the girls talked to some old vets and there stories were great to say the least...God bless both the solders of past and present....

here is also a video of Halloween pictures, my dogs tank, dufus and yes our cat eddy who is now getting along with both dogs.. and of course the events of the day.. at the end of this video there were 2 guys riding on Harley's flying there amazing flags, and yes i did follow them to get the picture..

hope every one had a great day..

Monday, November 10, 2008

hello quizzy

since i leed an exciting life.. i found this site stolen from smocha.....

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

me me me , tag your it

I don't normally do thse but i am going to try to be more up to date and this is all i have stollen from smocha..

and i must put up those pictures.. will do that in a bit!

Accent - California

Booze of choice - Vodka and cranberry juice ,bud limes

Chore I hate - everything..but laundry and dishes

Dog or Cat - both 5 cats and 3 dogs, and torstise

Essential electronics - Computer. Cell phone.

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - none, really i don't have any but will take spars, too poor to buy some,lol

Gold or Silver? - gold

Hometown - Tujunga,cali

Insomnia? - quite often.,thank god foe sleeping med.s

Job Title - Domestic Goddess,and mommy

Kids? -4 girls and 1 boy plus dave

Living Arrangement - really cool house

Most admired trait - my legs

Number of Sexual Partners - 1

Overnight Hospital Stays - 4 child births, c-section,gallblader

Phobia - heights, murderers

Quote - Sorry bout your luck

Religion - Christian

Siblings - One brother - one sister

Time I wake up - 7:00
most days
Unusual talent/skill - raising kids....

Vegetable I refuse to eat - plain old beans.

Worst habit - smoking

X-rays - Teeth.chest, leg

Yummy foods I make - Fudge and turkey and my favorite bisquits and gravy, i make the best of the best gravy(sausagegravy)

Zodiac sign - taurus,and i pretty much have these traits

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its been weeks...

Yes it has been weeks.. and sorry for that....
Hmm were to start, hm oh someone tried to break into my house, and they did come in , but thank god for alarm systems, i saw finger prints on the top of my computer, so what i think happen is when they came in, the alarm went off,and when whomever it was kept hearing the blaring alarm, figured the cops would be here soon and left! whew, now i lock my door and set the alarm....

I went to go have lots of blood work done and a two hour glucose test,(note to people, if you ever have this done bring a book)
And i did finnally go and have that ct scan done, my sister went with me, then we went to lunch, and it was yummy, there is nothing like a good Chinese restaurant...we had a great day!~
So the Dr.s finally call me and tell me I HAVE to go into there office for the results,(they usually give them to me on the phone)so now i am very worried and stressed, damn do i have cancer, why did i not quit smoking i go to the Dr.s and NO I do not have cancer, just some scar tissue from bronchitis, that i get every year..
but i am diabetic, my blood sugar was 232, which i guess is very high,and a fatty liver,which could leed to serossis of the liver, so now I'm fat(like i don't know that),and i can't eat fudge at Christmas..
hmmmm this explains why i seem so tired at the end of the day!
but i have goals...and it sounds pretty good,I'm gonna start exercising to the point where i can start jogging ,where i don't feel like i need oxygen, then maybe next year run walk in a 3k 5k i just need to not think about it and do it!

Halloween was great,the kids dressed up really cute, the girls and i walked up the street, then my sister came over and we all drove around the neighborhood,her husband drives and we walk then drive and walk ect. until a its too late and there are no lights on or we are just tired...we do this every year, and its fun, this year my nephew brought his little friend and she was cute..a little pirate...

and one last thing, last week at school there is this first grader and it seems he is always in some sort of trouble,so he was kickin the balls that are off limits to kicking and i told him to go put it away and come see me, well this said child is pron to not listening, anyways I'm watching him and tell him to hurry,and he tosses the ball in the basket and i tell him to hurry, again this little boy turns and starts to run back in a dead run, not realizing there was a basketball pole not three feet in front of him, and blam, he hit that pole full speed ahead, i was so shocked, this little child fell backwards, and when he got up he had the biggest lump on his was something straight out of a cartoon, he did go to the nurse and went home,was back at school the next day,not even a bruise. but damn i still could not believe it happened..

our brownie troop made flags out of construction paper and and wrote little notes on the back for our U.S. soldiers and we are gonna mail them to some troop in Iraq,today. its very exciting and the girl were so happy, then on Tuesday we are going to an old cemetery and put flag on some old veterans graves..

So what are every ones thanksgiving plans...on the 23 of this month we will be going with Dave to az,we're going to stay at the casino,they have an indoor water park, then we'll be back on the 26 and going to my sisters house for dinner..hope my mom goes, that would be awesome.. and my sister does know how to make the best turkey dinner...can't wait!

so now I am updated , will not lag anymore

just for fun:

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