Sunday, November 9, 2008

me me me , tag your it

I don't normally do thse but i am going to try to be more up to date and this is all i have stollen from smocha..

and i must put up those pictures.. will do that in a bit!

Accent - California

Booze of choice - Vodka and cranberry juice ,bud limes

Chore I hate - everything..but laundry and dishes

Dog or Cat - both 5 cats and 3 dogs, and torstise

Essential electronics - Computer. Cell phone.

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - none, really i don't have any but will take spars, too poor to buy some,lol

Gold or Silver? - gold

Hometown - Tujunga,cali

Insomnia? - quite often.,thank god foe sleeping med.s

Job Title - Domestic Goddess,and mommy

Kids? -4 girls and 1 boy plus dave

Living Arrangement - really cool house

Most admired trait - my legs

Number of Sexual Partners - 1

Overnight Hospital Stays - 4 child births, c-section,gallblader

Phobia - heights, murderers

Quote - Sorry bout your luck

Religion - Christian

Siblings - One brother - one sister

Time I wake up - 7:00
most days
Unusual talent/skill - raising kids....

Vegetable I refuse to eat - plain old beans.

Worst habit - smoking

X-rays - Teeth.chest, leg

Yummy foods I make - Fudge and turkey and my favorite bisquits and gravy, i make the best of the best gravy(sausagegravy)

Zodiac sign - taurus,and i pretty much have these traits


Bear Naked said...

I'm a Taurus also.

Bear((( )))

Beth said...

Fudge and turkey sound good- maybe even with the same meal!

Brad said...

Your worse habit is smoking? Well scootch over and lets light up sistah!