Sunday, October 5, 2008

Root,Awards, Rainbow. birthdays

anyways had to much fun yesterday and here is my post.....we had a small shin dig for the girls birthday, i ask my mom,to come up, last week because i know the weather has been HOT HOT HOT,and every time i ask my mom to come it on this day i ask her it is 95 or so outside mind you this was only a couple of days ago.....and she is COMING! yea i scrub i clean scrub clean..ect.. i wake up yesterday morning and there are RAIN clouds.. but they clear up.. its still chilly outside..and I'm like there is no way its gonna rain...yea just my luck my mom calls me and tells me it is poring rain , damn can you believe it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. so she did not come up, but she said she would soon and stay the night....can't wait I'm so excited...this is almost as exciting as getting ready for

so here is my video post..this first pictures are of the roots of the cottonwood trees we had taken out... then the next are pretty much self explanatory.....hope you enjoy, and had a good weekend