Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well i tried to post a jeff dunham thing but noooooooooooooooooooo half of it went to my other blog.. got nothin so sorry , still not to much here, dave is still working in az...but he's getting bored with it, he misses not being home and we miss not having him here.. and when he gets home, he believe's he should be waited on hand and foot....we have totally diffrent ideas about this, i believe that since i am takig care of the kids 24 hours a day working myself,(SO WHO CARES IF IT IS ONLY 2 HOURS DAY) dropping off kids at boys and girls club doing laundry cleaning house.. cooking ,doing brownies, volunteering at the school going grocery shoppping,taking care of pets,(BOY MORTIES A tOUGH PET TO HANDLE), and then waiting on him god HE does not understand why i am exhausted!!!o.k. now that i'm done bitchy, really i don't mind.. but i do believe he Should just do his honey do list, and honey drinking beer, is not the only thing on your list!!!!well have a great day, i'm gonna go kick the couch and wake my husband up!!!!

Got nothin

But here's a good laughhere is the video of my new baby, oh and sassy..hope you enjoy!!!!!so the question is what should i name him Rufus,Dufus or Duke..oh and he is my beloved Clydes bro....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire trucks and birthday party's

the front of my house fri. night

Debs cake ,hope i look this hot when i am her age

So as everyone knows I've had the cough from hell again....everytime i start smoking i start thinking ,quite smoking stupid....I've tried...anyways i get home Fri. get on my Jammie's and head to bed.. about ninish my neighbors kid runs into the house "where's your mom" get out of the house,the house next door is on fire..damn if the house was on fire as we are standing out side hoping the wind does not shift. these missionary guys come up to me( mind you i look like crap, jammies and all) after they get done talking to the people who's house has burned and tells me,"you know were out here all the time if you ever need clothes or anything" make my night....could not believe it!the people are all right and only there garage and part of there house was lost...

so Saturday night we go to my friend deb's birthday party and party we did ,i got home about 4 in the morning good friends ,good food, good booze....anyways we go to bed and get woke up with my dogs full blown fighting, so i go running outside in my jammies, grab up my dog and then realize ,damn i have no panties on, and yes my neighbors are outside cutting wood.....facing my way.. about feeling hmmm shocked.. it was a moment...
hope evryones weekend was good! post picture when i get back from town!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

diary of a dying mom

on my side bar, the thing on the right, there is a blog, diary of a dying mom..i started to read it a couple of months ago, and as most of you know , keeping track of ones blog , you get to know that person.. this lady , was the story of strengh.threw her journey....of dying...of her life!

yesterday she died at around 3:30.. at home with her family around...please say prayers, for her and her family...and go read her journey..

take care, i'll post this weekend events later!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be hind in blogging

well i've been sick and just following way behind on my when i get to feeling better i will update..... better...get back into bed.. night

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Root,Awards, Rainbow. birthdays

anyways had to much fun yesterday and here is my post.....we had a small shin dig for the girls birthday, i ask my mom,to come up, last week because i know the weather has been HOT HOT HOT,and every time i ask my mom to come it on this day i ask her it is 95 or so outside mind you this was only a couple of days ago.....and she is COMING! yea i scrub i clean scrub clean..ect.. i wake up yesterday morning and there are RAIN clouds.. but they clear up.. its still chilly outside..and I'm like there is no way its gonna rain...yea just my luck my mom calls me and tells me it is poring rain , damn can you believe it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. so she did not come up, but she said she would soon and stay the night....can't wait I'm so excited...this is almost as exciting as getting ready for

so here is my video post..this first pictures are of the roots of the cottonwood trees we had taken out... then the next are pretty much self explanatory.....hope you enjoy, and had a good weekend

Friday, October 3, 2008

All 3

yep all 3 of my kids won there awards today, and yes i am very very very proud of them....i will post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well nothing knew

Dave is working on the colordo river, on the az, side...wish i was with him, we were thinking if he does that next week , taking the kids and i next week, but thats not is an issue.and i like having my job...even it is only a couple of hours a all know how that is...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
oh well next time...

my son was gonna quit footbal, but he has changed his mind, now if i could only get him to do his damn homework,do his school work..,oh and quit telling me no, god remember when your kids were 2 and how cute no was , let me tell you at 15 and they say know all i wanna do is jump him and whip him, know i'm only joking,i would not spank my kid.... but he is grounded till he graduates high school, i mght let him off for good behavior... we'll see. the teenage years suck....and when you have little kids they seemed to think they must follow in BIG brother, or sisters shoes....listen to me little children you do not.....
anyways enough for now.....