Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I tried and tried

so what i think i'll do is get a copy send it to smocha (she won't mind) it's not like she is moving to england or anything.. so all she has is time on her sweet little hands...Just joka smoch....if she would she and her sister do this kinda stuff all the time, soon maybe..anyways went to the ortho for the girls dentist.....michelle is good she does not need them right now......but the other 2 well the need these wire things that cost a damn fortune, thank god for good insurane...and i will soon get my self some new teeth!(I bet ya all wanted to hear that)Dentures baby.. maybe this time it will not feel like i have a clob of hard plastic in my mouth.......anyways......this was my day...hope ya all had a good day


Anonymous said...

What about Ally?

I did not get any video?????where is it honey??

desert dirt diva said...

i still need to get his insurance

SOUL: said...

what are you sayin bout me??
what's up?
what video?
if it takes hours to upload it will bog down an email like you wouldn't believe.
or i would think so at least.
did you know i had a computer crash once cuz your pal smocha emailed me too many huge photos in one email? she blew up my whole computer! well, you know what i mean.. it crashed. for real. downloadin her huge pix.
you just must be doin somethin wrong-- or being too impatient.

what kind of messages do you get when you try to download it to you tube-- or wherever??

hmmmm. dunno. be careful emailing a huge file tho.


SOUL: said...

oh ya--
congrats on the new chompers !!!!!
woo hoo--

Smocha said...

update hawg!

simonsays said...

Yes, new teeth are something to get excited about, and braces cost a damn fortune...

Happy weekend!



Smocha said...

get off yer laze!!!