Thursday, August 21, 2008

my son

Well my son got himself, o.k. we got him a new dachshund, for his birthday. witch is sunday! my god he will be 15..anyways she is 4 years old and i never in my wildest dreams ever thought i would have that small of a dog..i used to think dogs ankle high were good little golfs balls..and cute flying threw the air....not to offend anyone(I used to only have that mean old breed of pit bulls)...but let me tell you sassy is the most adorable thing....she is just a very cool dog, now to let her and tank meet!!!anyways sorry i have not posted....been busy but nothing to important or exciting....oh alex is now in football....that is good.

anyways night all


simonsays said...

Post a pic of him!

I'll bet he's adorable.



Anonymous said...

It's not a new Dachshund. She's 4, makes her a used Dachshund. :-)