Saturday, August 30, 2008

scavenger photo hunt....

A cardinal
A blue jay, I think these were taken at lake degrey,in Ark.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our fun day

This is sassy Alex's new babt
And she is 4 years old,potty trained, which is a real plus
Alex on his birthday
His birthday spanking
tanky and his girlfriend
check out the deer
this puppy is really smiling......

karen and i had a really good day.. we are going to the poison concert tonight and she just arrived ,so i must go.. have a great night.. and i will write about the deer we saw when we were leaving wrightwood.....

Playing hookie

yep, i'm playing hookie today..and what a day its gonna a few minutues, i'll be taking my shower.. then getting dressed...and going to my sisters, we plan on going to lunch, in the small yet beatiful town of wrightwood...nestlesed in the angeles forest... which is very cool...

Well i sure hope that daves daughter doese write, as.....lynzie and i just mailed the letter 2 nights ago, and she is bugging me about checking the see if her sister has written her....hope she does..but like i said to her, she may not , things were pretty bad last time i spoke with her....but family is family and she is family all we can do is wait and see.. i've been behind on reading my i better go to that, oh and bye the more thing

smocha blogged about this web site,
(just copy and paste the link)..if ya like games this one is very addicting, yes i was up till midnight playing this darn thing..

have a great day all

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well nothin

Hmmmmmm i got so much to say i just don't know how to start off......well i'm just joking.. i should really download all my new pictures , but to darn lazyyyyy.......
My son turned 15 this last sunday, my how they grow.. and we saw and old friend which was kinda nice........o.k. it was nice....she is nice.....long story but hopefully we will keep in touch with her this time.

yesterday, i found daves oldest daughters address,so the girls wrote her a note and we sent pictures, hopefully she'll write back.. if not thats o.k.there was some daughter drama there.. but it still would be nice to hear from her...she has a baby girl and that wuld be cool to see her.. well we just have to wait and see.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

I got the picture hmmmmmmmmm

now if i could only get the darn me witch bag...poops

the contest

o.k. so i am trying to enter a blogaversary....from from marysays page, but i do not know how to put a link on my page andI tried to also put the picture thing on my this is how you get to it if ya wanna enter.....on my side bar.....the right hand row on the right of my page scroll down... when you get to soul read her blog......then click on the link from there.....sounds like a pain......but its really cool.. and she is giving away some neat things, plus the blog is really cool too......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

my son

Well my son got himself, o.k. we got him a new dachshund, for his birthday. witch is sunday! my god he will be 15..anyways she is 4 years old and i never in my wildest dreams ever thought i would have that small of a dog..i used to think dogs ankle high were good little golfs balls..and cute flying threw the air....not to offend anyone(I used to only have that mean old breed of pit bulls)...but let me tell you sassy is the most adorable thing....she is just a very cool dog, now to let her and tank meet!!!anyways sorry i have not posted....been busy but nothing to important or exciting....oh alex is now in football....that is good.

anyways night all

Friday, August 15, 2008

Its over

My little brother....
And my big sister....and i love'em both!
As most of you don't know my sister and i were in one of our terrible, heart wrenching sorry mom, fights.. and this one was a whopper.. I don't remember much of it,alcohol will do that to ya, and i do not want to remember , i just know we are talking again.. and all is well......
this is my imediate family ......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My wedding video

hoope this works.. and i'm sorry but i got so excited i sent everyone a copy, threw e-mail... and thanks aunt doral...we love you

Oh god let this work.....please,the kern river photos

Monday, August 11, 2008

kern river

So I have not been home, because Dave and i decided to go to the Kern river for the weekend with our friends deb and Steve and there daughter Shannon and we had a blast..oh my god its been years since i have been there and would love to move back there again, i have tons of pics but later tonight i will download them.. so we get there Fri. night deb and Steve held our spot...and its is hot but the river is gorgeous...we set up camp, and wait for deb and Steve to get back, at this point they still are not sure if we are going to be there and then they do get back to camp the excitement of it all!!!!I'm so glad we went..looking up at the stars,watching the stars has got to be the I'm thinking god why in the heck did i ever move from there....then i remember ,oh lets not go anyways we get up sat.and fix breakfast ,there is nothing like bacon and eggs up in the wide open air...cept, the uninvited bee's...but all was good.....we went down to the river, and lazed the day was a Chaldea,and bud lime weekend....and the kids all had such a great time.....i have not been camping like that in years...smocha and i did go yurt camping which was a blast.....but just watching the kids, playing in the river...and laying under the stars.. watching for the shooting stars was priceless.......and this is why i have not updated.......

So today was back to school, and yes work...I am no longer a sub...yea for me!!!!

i actually have a real time sheet..yea, and the kids those sweet little kids,they were so excited, and there is nothing like a child's hug...and i had a lot today!!!,Dave finally gets to go back to work, all is good...anyways will post pictures....tonight!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I tried and tried

so what i think i'll do is get a copy send it to smocha (she won't mind) it's not like she is moving to england or anything.. so all she has is time on her sweet little hands...Just joka smoch....if she would she and her sister do this kinda stuff all the time, soon maybe..anyways went to the ortho for the girls dentist.....michelle is good she does not need them right now......but the other 2 well the need these wire things that cost a damn fortune, thank god for good insurane...and i will soon get my self some new teeth!(I bet ya all wanted to hear that)Dentures baby.. maybe this time it will not feel like i have a clob of hard plastic in my mouth.......anyways......this was my day...hope ya all had a good day

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My wedding video

hmm i hope this works,i'm trying to upload my wedding video, so all my blogging friends and family can see wedding annoucement of sorts...smocha told me how to do this but she didn't tell me it would take like an hour......oh well it'll be worth it if it works!~-k- well its getting on to be an hour we are going on 2 hours.....-k- almost....well it did not work so i think i'll try to utube it....

Monday, August 4, 2008


well we did pretty much nothing today..trying to figure out how to fix those bare, dry spots in my grass... and yes i have even been hand watering it.. i think I'm just gonna have to polk holes in it and reseed parts of it...I love my roses are also looking shabby.....but that will come back in time.. tomorrow, i think will be a dry town day, as the girls and Alex go back to school next mon. and i go back to work...i was invited to the school and the staff breakfast on thrus.. didn't think i would ever be in this happy place in my life... thank the good lord above ,and the love of a good family and help me be where i am today... and especially my mom!!!! I Love you mom..
well enough of all that that.. I must get to bed, I have bags so bad under my eyes there hanging almost to my knees. :))

Night all

Sunday, August 3, 2008


told ya he was the cutest 3 year old i know
this was taken before he and my daughter moved to vegas

well today was pretty good...our neighbors invited us over for there grandsons 3 birthday.. which of course made me feel really good, but i was at the same time missing my own little grandson.. whoo bye the way is just the cutest baby i know of at his age....but i can't belive i'm gonna say this , for once in my life i am really considering taking or just learning spanish......people like my neighbors make you want to really get to no them, they no english, but it would be nice to talk to them more so i can really understand them.. they are nice people!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

school clothes and cops

the cops yep they were chasing this car
yep there were tons and tons
like ten or 11 cars...dave would not stop so i could take more pictures, no adventure i tell u

O.k. we got a new target..yep the ancipation of it all, and we go there to go clothes shop for the girls.....we all walk in.. check out there prices.. and head straight for wal-mart.. yep we spent half of what we would of spent at target...

and then when we walked out there we like ten or twelve cop cars......hmmmmmmmmmso now i must ask every stranger that i see as i'm walking into staters bro.. because stater bro.s is right across the street from wal-mart and that is where we go next.. and yep i find out that there was a police chase and three guys got my boring day does bring excitement!

saturday. and well nothing

then i start, cruzing my side bar blogs.. and only 2 people have updated so i'm thinkg, hmmmmmmmmmm maybe my computer is in yesterdays mod, then i relize that can't be ,because 2 people did update.. so then i think when people got nothing they say nothing, unlike me who can't seem to shut up...just ask smocha....she'll tell ya... she told me to be quiet, a time or two, do u think i did NEVER....hurt my good feelings..but thats o.k. it is what it is and i will never shut-up....see i have just blogged about absolutly nuthin!

Friday, August 1, 2008

yea whoooooooooooo

well my internet is so much faster, i had to delete about a zillion ladys, and gentlemen if your dsl is running slow delete those pitures... uh make sure you burn(copy) them first my plan of the day taken the kids to dry town...and going to the bank......have a good fri.. all