Thursday, September 4, 2008

oh what a crappy

So i have not updated lately but all i've been doing is working coming home and doing laundry, went to a couple of bbq's last weekend had a few bevy's.. o.k. maybe a few to many.. note to self STOP drinking chelada's.. but god there so good( for those of you who don't know a chelada is a bud light with clamato) and there are soooooooooo yummy...

so today we are getting ready to go back to the river with the in-laws...and i'm busy at work thinking of my busy day... finish work.. go to the bathroom...flush toilet....(damn, in goes my cell phone) fish my phone outta the toilet..(yes it still works)go home eat...get to brownies.. yes, i'm a brownie leader again...get home find half live kitty on porch...(damn cat is having her babies again and dropping them everywhere and leaving them behind......)Get ready to go to alex's back to school night, then go grocery shopping for camping trip... get home deal with kitty that is still alive.....god why do u do this to me......make dave's dinner and now here i am telling you all about my day!

one more thing...just wanna say happy birthday to the youngest 71 year old man i uncle...he is very cool and still looks good.....its amazing and thank god i have a crumb of those genes,via my grandmother....I love you uncle ray..Hope your birthday was a smash...or just fun.

have a great weekend will be posting pic.s monday night i'm going to the dentist to get my upper plate fixed and they will keep my teeth so i will not be going anywhere after that .......are'nt you all glad to know this......


Smocha said...

Ha! sounds down right exciting to me.

I believe this is the longest post you've ever written:)

Good job Poo Poo!

get that cat spayed!

Love me

Brad said...

Ok, what the hec happened with the cat ?

sounds like you've been/were busy - hope things have settled down!

simonsays said...

Holy crap woman, things sound positively crazy! I hope it has all settled down for you is the kitty?