Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kern river, headquarters campground

Please be patienct, the first few pictures are of i don''t know what...the baby kitty who did not make it....

the rest are of the river, we had a great spot, this place was called headquarters, and it was great... we did fish but got nothin.. i wanted to call soul and get some advice, but did not have her no. so any advice for our next trip would be great....the fish that i am holding was well half dead..anyways this is were i want to go for my first wedding anniversary...and dave does agree!

the water edge was only about 10 , 20 feet from our camp and it was all sandy. and no rocks..


Anonymous said...

Best fishin' I ever did was at Kern, I would just stand there and say "Come on fishy, wearin my Red Rubber fishin' Boots, Pretty much made the guys jealous, LOL :))

Smocha said...

Hey Poo poo ,

looks like a great time for everyone:)

were those fish trout? did you guys eat them?

I'm home now. call me today.

love me

desert dirt diva said...

yes those fish..o.k. the only fish was a rainbow trout, no we did not eat it.. it was half dead and floating on its back when i jumped into the river and caught no we did not eat it, dave said it proably was sick and he did not want us to eat a sick fish....