Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My wedding video

hoope this works.. and i'm sorry but i got so excited i sent everyone a copy, threw e-mail... and thanks aunt doral...we love you


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! So sweet! Good Luck to you both. I hope you will always be happy with one another..
Love, Bambi

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing both videos. I enjoyed both. Good luck to both you and hubby. I know you'll have many happy years together. It was a lovely ceremony.

Smocha said...

I commented while we were on the phone silly!

I wish I'd been there. :)
I would have ripped a drape off the wall and made Wendi wear it. LOL

Really , you look beautiful and happy ,just like I knew you would.

Love your witchbag

Golden To Silver Val said...

The video is precious....it even made me teary-eyed. Congratulations!

SOUL: said...

i;m just a wee bit late :))
i think this is terrific !!!
i must admit this was the first EVER in my life "wedding" that "almost" made me cry !!!
and i have no idea why.
i have always asked people "why do people cry at weddings"? and i have never got a good enough answer.
maybe i still don't have one-- but i kinda "get it" now.
very nice. thanks for puttin it up !

and you laughed !!!!
that was my biggest fear at my wedding ! well that and tripping on my damned high heeled -too big shoes ! LOL-- luckily i managed to do none of the above. :))
but my worries made me a little stiff... you two looked pretty relaxed and happy-- and i loved every minute of it---

happily ever after to both of you !!!!!