Thursday, November 20, 2008

So once again i'm behind..

yep way behind.....been busy but then not really, just working,nothing new there, the kids get really wild right before the holiday breaks so this has been interesting......brownies has been well brownies, the veterans day thing was so much fun ,dang now i'm re-running...

hmmmmmmmmmmm..o.k. thanksgiving, we are going to my sisters, and my mom is coming, hopefully she might even stay the night.. i no i sound like a damn whining child, well its my mom, and i hardly ever see her..Mom I love you....but then she knows it...anyways, so my mom does NOT drive in the rain, and of course the weather has been beatiful..but the other day i'm on my way home, from the dentist, and damn if the radio anoucers anouce it MIGHT friggin rain on thanks giving!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
so now i think my mom should just come up and stay the week, heck i'll even go pick her up, but then i know that won't work, because she hates not having a i say my prayers every night, god please don't rain on thanksgiving, i wanna see my mom!!!!!it would be great to have us all sister is the best cook....can't wait for the thanksgiving photos..

So lets name ten things we're thankfu for>

1. My kids

2. my kids health

3. my husband

4. My family

5. my job good friends

7. getting up every morning

8. a working computer

9. getting married to a wonderful man mom

11. my animals

12. my blog

13. being a brownie leader

14. all the people who read my blog

15. a great sister and brother

have a great day...or night....


Brad said...

There's gotta be away to get mom there even if it rains - how about driving down with some one else and driving mom back in her car while a friend takes yours? I hope you all get together for the holiday. Well be at my mom's, about 2 minutes away from home so no getting out of that!

Smocha said...

I wasn't even planning to do a turkey dinner , but my spouse told me today that he wanted one. He even asked me if I had any Christmas decorations up., we're not even gonna be here. I think he was disappointed. (poor baby)
And Wes bought a plane ticket to go spend Christmas with his brothers.

Guilt trips for mom, all around. LOL

Hope your mom makes it up.

Love me