Monday, November 24, 2008

schools out

Well school is out and the kids are bored, i'm frigging bored.. the most excitment i've had of late is when i went ot go pay a bill online and instead of putting 201.66
i somehow put 20,166 damn thats a big f(*&&* up grrrrrrrrrr, and when i relized it and called them back then the place was closed so now i get to worry all night whats gonna happen oh and the bank said there was nothing they could............thats what happens when i try to screaming threw the house , the dogs are fighting,the phone will not stop ringing and dave bless his heart,,ragging about something, then i hit the friggin send button, without paying any attention.......


Smocha said...

Oh crap! That IS a big one.

Hope they fix it without any bad consequences. Yowza!

Where's your elves???

Love me

Brad said...

If they charge you an overdraft for that I'd pitch a bitch - They ought to know it was a mistake!

Smocha said...

Again, where's your damn elves??
Why are you ignoring me hawg??

Love me