Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye

No I am not saying good bye to my blog..even tho I should as much as i post lately!
It would be goodbye to was not to bad of a year....would of been better if i had not gotten so sick....But yes I am better, down to maybe 1 smoke a day...depending on where i am at and if i can bum one! but no I have had nothing to smoke in 24 hours I think I might buy 1 good bye cigar for old times sake!

I am truly thankful for my family...They are great..I have the best kids in the world...not perfect, but not to bad..well mannered..honest.Thankful for my new house..which will will be using this coming year and making it a working ranch..And yes I am very excited about that!
Hoping this year brings in more work for all the people who have not had much work or barely working!
My mom who I love so much I truly believe i would be lost without her..I can call her and just rattle on and she just listens..she is great!
To all my great friends I hope the new year brings you nothing but happiness.and good fortune...well my thumbs are getting I must post this...Anyways what I am really saying is

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well I had to

to get internet on my phone ...could not handle the 2 hour startup or just plan being pissed off because it took so long to get on my internet...dsl should be the only kind of internet dial up like ca le should be banned and thats all i have to say about that!
Not o much going on most of my christmas shopping done..still need to get a tree saturday i believe, this year i am actully going to get my cards out...I do need e-mail for those of you who have face book go check your mail..
Well we now have 7 dogs..yes i no what hell am i dogs and dachshunds do make the best watch dogs and of course tank...
hmm not much else going on..been helping out at the school boutique...anyways my thumbs are getting sore i must go..