Monday, July 21, 2008

My wedding

We are on way to the chapel
this is were we got our lic.
Wendi and i at the chapel
everyone has to have a garter pic
the champagne toast,

Well i got home at four o'clock this morning.....and its 10:30 now yes I'm slow ...but i will write all about our trip.. and Vegas rocks.. thank god i don't live there and my fav.motel is harrah's

we had a great time


lotto online said...

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Golden To Silver Val said...

Congratulations again sweetie...and I think the dress looks lovely on you. All that worry for nuthin'!!!

simonsays said...

Just beautiful..

I want to hear all about it!


Mr AND Mrs _______

Doesm't that sound awesome?


Smocha said...

Where are you my witchbag???