Sunday, September 26, 2010

So here I am once again,

And I really should change my blog name to seldom blogger, since I seldom blog anymore.....Losts has happened, this post today will be a montage of the last couple months...lets see if I can stay on track while remembering everything.....

o.k. settled in, here goes...Last time I really posted, Mortie had come out of hibernation....and,now its time for her to go back, I was worried about scorpions and justly so...I believe we killed about 20 so far,The standard size scorpion is 4 inches, but we did get a 6 incher, and it is still hot outside, got 1 mojave green rattlesnake, which almost bit Michelle, thank god living out here, our kids are snake aware!..

My sister in law did pass away from cancer and that was very sad,But she was in so much pain , I did see her 4 days before she went, and glad I was able to say my goodbyes!

I also have been entering bob Fm contest(our local radio station) so far to date i have won: a 200 dollar jewelry gift cert. 2 different 60 dollar perfume gift cert. nascar qualifying tickets and the nascar grand prize 500 tickets( which i gave to my friend)And a couple of weeks ago, I enter my friend into a volunteer contest,(same radio station) she won the grand prize, limo ride to dinner, 50 dollar gift cert towards dinner, limo ride to Michael Bolton's concert, meet and greet, of Michael Bolten,and a limo ride home, which was fully stocked... she invited me to go.. and we had a blast!I also won yearly passes to universal studio's with no black out dates, and have been using them allot... I so want to go to there Halloween fright nights,but since this is a special event, i sill have to pay, I would get a discount, ..hope fully we will be able to go11111

ark. yearly girls week was so much fun, and this year I was not sick , but still moody from chantix, the no smoking pill, which I do not recommend!..Anyways we went to Tennessee, to Graceland , and it was awesome!Gracelands mansion, is not as big as I had thought, and the rooms inside were very small, ...but was still awesome...Girls week did rock this year....

Work: well I am still on the sub list, but have been working a lot...o.k. maybe not as much as I would like but still am working... I love the kids so much....I so do like my job!

Alex: did move to his dads house, as the school system out in AZ. is much better than the school he was going to! actually I think any school is better than the High school, he was going to...Then again I should look at it as the choices he chose to make... nope the school sucks!

Still have dial-up, I don't think that dsl or high speed Internet is ever going to be in my life again , unless if course I go to the library!

so this is whats been going on...