Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My year

Has been good, and very blessed as you all know...then michelle gets a new puppy... and tankie is gonna be a daddy , we found him the PERFECT women lab, she is a yellow lab, and whats funny is her owners last name is mcdonald, no relation to my sisters family....she is papered and we will proably get one...o.k. if we do do this we'll be getting one... very cool, tankie jr.
now for my new years stuff... things i will be doing and hoping to do.....I will be starting a new job, at the boys and girls club, i will stick with the brownies as The girls love me, ummmmmm,be a better mom, see my a better wife, cook more,,(recipes please, easy ones )lose weight..try to be a better person, more caring and patienced...not smoke..have not had a cig all day, not since last night....ummmmm,see my family sister only lives ten fifteen minutes away and we never see each other...( we are both busy, but still we are sisters who should make more time for each other)see my mom more....

o.k and lastley try to post at least 1 time a day!

Well happy new years to all my friends!

New Year Baby
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Went o the movies

And we saw bedtime stories, it was all right , but then we snuck in to marley and me at the very end and its a tear jerker... trust me the last five minutes of this movie and dave an i are bawling....we are such good examples for our girls......

and now dave and the twins are making cookies, and michelle says something to her dad about being old, and i tell her your only as old as you feel, she looks at her dad and says so your 7????

hope every one had a good day...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow days and holidays..picutures i promised

This is long so be patienced, If you can tell we live in so. cali, because we are so happy we got snow, but like many people i do not truly think if i had to deal with this all the time,i would be this happy i would go nuts,and my god driving was awful.. then i think the people that live in this white wonder,truly must laugh at us because we get a couple of inches, and we do not have a clue as what to do or how to drive in this stuff, but the people who live in this proably think,lol look at them cali. fools and they only got an inch or two...well my hubby is fixing my dryer as mine died yet again....hopefully he can do it, because i HATE hanging up clothes!!!!!

christmas was good

And this year no mood swings either, thats a double plus here.....the kids all got there presents..well except for michelle, she is getting a new puppy,something that is big so tank wcan have a friend as well and not a male as tank will beat him up! we did look for puppies before christmas but there was none that just jumped out in front of me and grabbed me.....I even got rid of my bassett hound as tank was mean to him.. well have a happy day

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well today has been a good day, we went to dave's work lunch at this really good japanesse place,and they have the best sushi..ummmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then we went to his brothers and had a really good dinner, I'm so stuffed i really went off my diet..(aunt doral I'm starting my diet again fri.)anyways we had a good time at the in laws, but I did miss my phone call from smocha...grrrrrrrrrrrrr been waiting for that one for days...........So i have promised my self right after the opening of the presents,my present to me is calling her.....And this will be the first christmas ever without my oldest daughter and her son.....i'm crying floods of tears..and god i do miss her so, but i know she is good where she is just is weird......

well the girls are still up, and i wanna go to have a good and blessed day!
Merry Christmas...

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yes it snowed and snowed

Well it snowed and snowed and snowed , i would guess about a good foot or better....the picture above is one that i took from my phone, it is in the corner of my back yard!and of all the pictures I took and yes I took tons, this is my favorite!!!I would of course put them up for alll to see,and my thanksgiving pictures and my just stuff pictures, except i can not, as i need a new cord for my camera.....any ways, I finally got my christmas shopping done...thanks to the weather i am behind... but on the upside this is the first year i will not be doing wrapping on christmaas eve! yea.. well it is late so I must sign off....
night all

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my side bar fell yet again

well i need all who read my blog to comment so i can add you to my side bar once more as you can see i had to change my page.....
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh i forgot to tell about the fire.....

so the girls and i are going to the liquor store, and lynzie yells mom theres a fire i look over and right next to the liquor stire,and i'm talking right next to the building,the is a fire just getting started...right in the middle of a bunch of what do i do , grab my fire extinguisher and used it.. ok they used it...and let me tell you those small fire exinguishers don't work real well but enough to sloww it down , to get water on it...

one last thing, there is a women at work whos son got into a car accident and died,on impact, someone ran into him.. he was is very pleaase say rayers for there family...

have a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm behind yet again

Well it seems i start to update and things start to get really crazy here, so the kids are at school and i have a few minutes before i have to get ready for I'm finally updating...and then the phone rings....x2....I can't type and talk at the same time..

So i finally got that check thing fixed after the bank put it threw twice,now wouldn't you think that a 20,000 dollar check,for a friggin water bill would seem like an over site, but the bank was great, the rest of the week went about as good as it started, stressful,that check thing happened on a Monday night , then my sis calls and tells me her arm might be broke, ( 2 days before thanksgiving),but it was not, (she found out after thanksgiving) so she did make one heck of a dinner with arm in cast thing and all!!!!!once again her dinner was the best!

on Fri. after thanksgiving on Fri. Dave and i start our shopping,and all is good ,till sat when i go to the store to buy the forbidden cig, and they tell me my debit card is DECLINED, what the hell, since Dave just deposited his pay check fri....well that damn check was still haunting me, grrrrrrrrrrr....we were over drawn 18,000 dollars.damn, i do not think i have ever been that stressed....and all the while still thinking my water bill is still not mom did come up for thanksgiving and yes she did stay here for 2 nights, i asked my mom, if i could borrow the money to pay the water bill and write her a check...she just looked at me...yea right.....then on Sunday, we are all visiting and my sister calls, her husband was choking on a piece of meat(carne asada) and needed to go to the hospital....a few things i learned if your choking on meat as follows: when your choking on meat that is dislodge, Do not jump on your tractor and go in circles, the bouncing motion will not dislodge it, do not stick a spark plug wire down your throat, it will not help,and you could tear you esophagus, and the hymlik does not always brother in law is just fine now, thank god...and it was a very serious situation...

Well i have every ones Christmas shopping done ,hmmm but my kids...damn how does that always happen...I've been working every day and it finally cold here 50 degrees and freezing grrrrrrr...doing the brownies, and being busy with that, the girls will be in the Christmas parade this weekend...which will be fun! so last week after my brownie meeting i had to go by the boys and girls club, to talk with someone and of course bitching about how unorganized about how our troop is and the women who runs the boys and girls club is there, and after i left she asked my friend if i would be interested in working there....yes another real job....of course i said yes, but i still have to go threw the application hopefully things will work out and I'll have another job!..

anyways just a quick note about marriage....sometime when people get married they dread there in laws..and as you all no my mother in law and i are not the best of friends and maybe never will be...but it is what it is ! but my husbands aunt is the greatest, she is a retired school teacher who right now is living in Oregon,but is just the nicest person in the world, yesterday i talked to her for about a half hour, and she is the type of person after you talk to you feel so good about yourself,she is not judge mental,and she is just the greatest, there are not enough things to say how woderful she truly is!anyways her and i will be sort of Internet dieting together and I'm very

well i must get going will try to update again before Christmas, no only joking!!!

Have a great day everyone!