Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its been weeks...

Yes it has been weeks.. and sorry for that....
Hmm were to start, hm oh someone tried to break into my house, and they did come in , but thank god for alarm systems, i saw finger prints on the top of my computer, so what i think happen is when they came in, the alarm went off,and when whomever it was kept hearing the blaring alarm, figured the cops would be here soon and left! whew, now i lock my door and set the alarm....

I went to go have lots of blood work done and a two hour glucose test,(note to people, if you ever have this done bring a book)
And i did finnally go and have that ct scan done, my sister went with me, then we went to lunch, and it was yummy, there is nothing like a good Chinese restaurant...we had a great day!~
So the Dr.s finally call me and tell me I HAVE to go into there office for the results,(they usually give them to me on the phone)so now i am very worried and stressed, damn do i have cancer, why did i not quit smoking i go to the Dr.s and NO I do not have cancer, just some scar tissue from bronchitis, that i get every year..
but i am diabetic, my blood sugar was 232, which i guess is very high,and a fatty liver,which could leed to serossis of the liver, so now I'm fat(like i don't know that),and i can't eat fudge at Christmas..
hmmmm this explains why i seem so tired at the end of the day!
but i have goals...and it sounds pretty good,I'm gonna start exercising to the point where i can start jogging ,where i don't feel like i need oxygen, then maybe next year run walk in a 3k 5k i just need to not think about it and do it!

Halloween was great,the kids dressed up really cute, the girls and i walked up the street, then my sister came over and we all drove around the neighborhood,her husband drives and we walk then drive and walk ect. until a its too late and there are no lights on or we are just tired...we do this every year, and its fun, this year my nephew brought his little friend and she was cute..a little pirate...

and one last thing, last week at school there is this first grader and it seems he is always in some sort of trouble,so he was kickin the balls that are off limits to kicking and i told him to go put it away and come see me, well this said child is pron to not listening, anyways I'm watching him and tell him to hurry,and he tosses the ball in the basket and i tell him to hurry, again this little boy turns and starts to run back in a dead run, not realizing there was a basketball pole not three feet in front of him, and blam, he hit that pole full speed ahead, i was so shocked, this little child fell backwards, and when he got up he had the biggest lump on his was something straight out of a cartoon, he did go to the nurse and went home,was back at school the next day,not even a bruise. but damn i still could not believe it happened..

our brownie troop made flags out of construction paper and and wrote little notes on the back for our U.S. soldiers and we are gonna mail them to some troop in Iraq,today. its very exciting and the girl were so happy, then on Tuesday we are going to an old cemetery and put flag on some old veterans graves..

So what are every ones thanksgiving plans...on the 23 of this month we will be going with Dave to az,we're going to stay at the casino,they have an indoor water park, then we'll be back on the 26 and going to my sisters house for dinner..hope my mom goes, that would be awesome.. and my sister does know how to make the best turkey dinner...can't wait!

so now I am updated , will not lag anymore

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SOUL: said...

aha!! first!

holy crap-- i know how scary the c word wait can be. ugh. happy you got good news back.

good-upbeat post--- hoping all your plans go thru with happy memories and lotsa good photos to share :))
happy weekend

Bear Naked said...

My you certainly have been busy--no wonder you did't have time for blogging.
Now I am going to lecture to you about leaving your door unlocked.
Whenever you leave the house just think about me being right there to remind you to lock up or I will be slapping your wrist from afar.
Be careful please seriously, it only takes one little slip up before a tragedy could happen.


Bear((( )))

Smocha said...

Where's the halloween pictures Missy???

I am sooo glad you are ok. I think your plans sound awesome. Let me know when you quit smoking, maybe I'll try to join you:)
(no, really, I mean it this time) lol

I got the exact same score on that quiz. We're nothing if not realistic. right?. lol

Love ya! Me

Mary said...

Glad the c word isn't part of your diagnosis. I've lost 50 pounds since early August. Still have 30 to go. It isn't easy but you can do it - you have to!

It's very alarming to find someone has been in your house. Glad it raised your level of attention to setting alarm and locking up when you leave.

Thanks for the compliment on my sofa. If I didn't have a fellow and his wife who have been doing upholstery work for years I'd probably spend a fortune on furniture. The pieces that I have re-done are old. The frames are solid oak and solid as a rock. You can't buy furniture with those kind of frames today. Today's furniture won't last long enough to be reupholstered.

simonsays said...

Happy to hear that your tests were basically okay...getting older sure is hard on the old body, isn't it?

Your Turkey day sounds wonderful. I want a turkey cooked by someone else...but nope, not to be, it will have to be me.

Hope your week is going well.

Hugs, friend.