Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playing hookie

yep, i'm playing hookie today..and what a day its gonna a few minutues, i'll be taking my shower.. then getting dressed...and going to my sisters, we plan on going to lunch, in the small yet beatiful town of wrightwood...nestlesed in the angeles forest... which is very cool...

Well i sure hope that daves daughter doese write, as.....lynzie and i just mailed the letter 2 nights ago, and she is bugging me about checking the see if her sister has written her....hope she does..but like i said to her, she may not , things were pretty bad last time i spoke with her....but family is family and she is family all we can do is wait and see.. i've been behind on reading my i better go to that, oh and bye the more thing

smocha blogged about this web site,
(just copy and paste the link)..if ya like games this one is very addicting, yes i was up till midnight playing this darn thing..

have a great day all


Brad said...

I wanna play hookie too!

But I'm stuvck at work. Finally have all the guys on the road and I finished my paper work yesterday.

Soooo - It looks like I can go check out scabulous!

Just what I needed, another productivity improvement website. *wink*

Hope your having a fun hookie day!

desert dirt diva said...

your too funny and my day is great so far....