Friday, July 25, 2008

my wedding story

We got to vegas around 11:00 and dave was tired so we went to bed, yes we're in vegas and he goes to sleep, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. but thats o.k. cause i'm tired as a dog.. we got up late and went to find breakfast.. after hours it seems of this, we go get wendi, my daughter.. and head out to find a chapel and i turn into bridezilla... i am shocked bye my behaver but it was what it was , me being a total bitch....we go get our lic. and on our way dave see's margarita ville.. and all he can think of is getting a drink and all i want is a chapal... dave lets get on the same page we go into the little white wedding chapel and i do not like it.. or just the lady who is helping us , so i say we are gonna look around for another place we might be back...BIG mistake.. now dave is realy whinning about a drink and i can't find a chapel, so we have to go back to the chapel, we go back after pleading with dave and telling him i'll be NICE!.. so we go back and get a really good package.. then we are off to margaritaviolle, yea.. the best drinks in town.. my future in laws get to vegas we go meet them off to dinner, then back to wait for the limo and get my makeup on.....things are going good... the limo was awsome....we get to the chapel andd they can't find our reservations.. no bridezilla , calm down..... phew they found it , i go get dressed and we are ready now the guy who is suppose to marry us is in the middle of another wedding sooooooooooooo