Tuesday, July 29, 2008

earth quakes and high school

Well today i did make it to the high school, and yes my son is now enrolled ..then i dropped my friend off at her thing, then i am driving home, and damn there are a million cop cars around the corner raiding the same house there always at so i must drive bye(yes i am nosey) yep 8 cop cars, seems no one is home.....then i get home wait for the guy to fix my water lines out back.. so the tutor comes for michelle, (not sure if i like this guy< he could've shaved.. hmmmmmmmmm put on a clean shirt, at least he did not smell, thats a plus)anyways so the tutor leaves ,i'm watching the news and i feel this slow rolling and i jump up screaming KIDS GET IN HERE NOW,and bye now we are really rolling...damn i hate earthquakes!!!!!and i think the kids thoughtthere were in trouble, til the rolling really started, then my angels really started running to me........mind you this quake only lasted about 20 seconds...anyways its just after 1 o'clock...and i'm waiting to go to dry town which seems like that is only a wet but dry dream:( anyways have a great tuesday..all