Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm behind yet again

Well it seems i start to update and things start to get really crazy here, so the kids are at school and i have a few minutes before i have to get ready for I'm finally updating...and then the phone rings....x2....I can't type and talk at the same time..

So i finally got that check thing fixed after the bank put it threw twice,now wouldn't you think that a 20,000 dollar check,for a friggin water bill would seem like an over site, but the bank was great, the rest of the week went about as good as it started, stressful,that check thing happened on a Monday night , then my sis calls and tells me her arm might be broke, ( 2 days before thanksgiving),but it was not, (she found out after thanksgiving) so she did make one heck of a dinner with arm in cast thing and all!!!!!once again her dinner was the best!

on Fri. after thanksgiving on Fri. Dave and i start our shopping,and all is good ,till sat when i go to the store to buy the forbidden cig, and they tell me my debit card is DECLINED, what the hell, since Dave just deposited his pay check fri....well that damn check was still haunting me, grrrrrrrrrrr....we were over drawn 18,000 dollars.damn, i do not think i have ever been that stressed....and all the while still thinking my water bill is still not mom did come up for thanksgiving and yes she did stay here for 2 nights, i asked my mom, if i could borrow the money to pay the water bill and write her a check...she just looked at me...yea right.....then on Sunday, we are all visiting and my sister calls, her husband was choking on a piece of meat(carne asada) and needed to go to the hospital....a few things i learned if your choking on meat as follows: when your choking on meat that is dislodge, Do not jump on your tractor and go in circles, the bouncing motion will not dislodge it, do not stick a spark plug wire down your throat, it will not help,and you could tear you esophagus, and the hymlik does not always brother in law is just fine now, thank god...and it was a very serious situation...

Well i have every ones Christmas shopping done ,hmmm but my kids...damn how does that always happen...I've been working every day and it finally cold here 50 degrees and freezing grrrrrrr...doing the brownies, and being busy with that, the girls will be in the Christmas parade this weekend...which will be fun! so last week after my brownie meeting i had to go by the boys and girls club, to talk with someone and of course bitching about how unorganized about how our troop is and the women who runs the boys and girls club is there, and after i left she asked my friend if i would be interested in working there....yes another real job....of course i said yes, but i still have to go threw the application hopefully things will work out and I'll have another job!..

anyways just a quick note about marriage....sometime when people get married they dread there in laws..and as you all no my mother in law and i are not the best of friends and maybe never will be...but it is what it is ! but my husbands aunt is the greatest, she is a retired school teacher who right now is living in Oregon,but is just the nicest person in the world, yesterday i talked to her for about a half hour, and she is the type of person after you talk to you feel so good about yourself,she is not judge mental,and she is just the greatest, there are not enough things to say how woderful she truly is!anyways her and i will be sort of Internet dieting together and I'm very

well i must get going will try to update again before Christmas, no only joking!!!

Have a great day everyone!


Smocha said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy!

50 is NOT cold honey. I think our high today is 32!

Make sure you're taking zillions of pictures . I want to see the decor, the tree, the food ,the kids! Everything!

Love me

Beth said...

$20,000 water bill? The bank must have thought you left your sprinkler on for the last 6 months! I hope things go better!