Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My family..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He is alright..

So I get to work yesterday, and when I walk in to the office I hear, yes the kids are all fine, mis bus driver is fine,a car ran a stop sign...and my mind starts to race, the tears start,and a mood swing begins, my grand son is on that bus...all I keep thinking, aryn is fine, and stop crying......then I go to said post..have a couple other things happen, which I am not allowed to say, and as I am leaving the playground,I check my phone..I get a text from my son saying"we can leave school till the cops clear the area"or even get on the bus.....wth, oh yea he lives in az, again my mind is I call him immediately and he says calmly , oh he just left school and know he has no idea what happened.

So how was your day?.
Thank god today is a new day.hope it is better!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy day


ell today is already a very frigid day..but it is gonna be a happy day.....last night when I was checking my cousin posted that she had ridden her bike to and from wok..40 miles round trip.....mind you she is only 1 year 1 week younger than it goes to show no matter what your age, as long as you take care of yourself you can do any age.....
Went back to work, and oh thank god...staying home just gets so, so, long..dreary,depressing...and the kids just go crazy!

So saturday, my way to my in laws,i see a box of stuff, as I was driving by it, and of course,i have to back up to see what is in it, to my children horror,I finally get to it and what do I find a really cool juicers..a montel williams juicer,"health master", so I go online to find out more about it, all the reviews are now I wonder since it does have a life warranty, if it breaks, will it apply to
P.s.Happy 1/11/11

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last a nut shell

Ok let me see last year went to vegas for my grandsons birthday..lost my sister in law too cancer...went back to vegas to tell her goodbye..won a few radio contest..won nascar tickets, gave them away..went to ark.went to graceland..found out out owning a home is not a easy..when your leech field goes it is expensive..had a lot of laughs..cried allot..lost 2 dogs to parvo...won season tickets to universal studios..went there daughter moved back home, with her son moved back to his dads, came home for christmas.....had a good christmas realized how blessed I am....and now my new year starts.
So far this year..i have spent time with my whole family...(all my kids) made no new year I can't break them..found a bithchen blender on the side of the road...and all is well...tommorrow I go back to work..can't wait!

Be back soon....