Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well i am not sure if the baby kitten is o.k. i sent him to my friends, son, girlfriends house who has a gift for baby animals...so hoefully he is o.k.

we went camping and had an awsome time....but had bad news.. we had a dog named pork chopped who loved to jump fences, sunday afternoon, he got loose with the cable running beside him or how ever it happened anyways right before we got home we got the news that pork chop jumped my fence his cable got stuck around a bike frame and he got hung... he was a good boy.. tho.. por michelle was devasted ....but she is doing well...

anyways have a great day


Smocha said...

Good Lord. And what happened to a kitten?

The funeral is today. I'll try and call ya when I get a chance.

Love me