Monday, August 4, 2008


well we did pretty much nothing today..trying to figure out how to fix those bare, dry spots in my grass... and yes i have even been hand watering it.. i think I'm just gonna have to polk holes in it and reseed parts of it...I love my roses are also looking shabby.....but that will come back in time.. tomorrow, i think will be a dry town day, as the girls and Alex go back to school next mon. and i go back to work...i was invited to the school and the staff breakfast on thrus.. didn't think i would ever be in this happy place in my life... thank the good lord above ,and the love of a good family and help me be where i am today... and especially my mom!!!! I Love you mom..
well enough of all that that.. I must get to bed, I have bags so bad under my eyes there hanging almost to my knees. :))

Night all


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Sometimes it's good to do nothing! Hope you got some sleep......

Smocha said...

ha ha ...hanging to your knees.

I take it "dry town " is the water park?

I just saw a commercial about this grass seed that grows real fast , just for those bald spots. Can't remember what it was called . Lawn patch? something like that.

Comment on my dang blog:)

LOve me

SOUL: said...

you sound just like me with your lawn dilemmas.
i have the same dying rose bushes-- the same bald dead yellow patches of grass. wth?
i have never ever in my married life had a decent lawn YET. ever.

fix my lawn and i'll carry your bags for ya
just kiddin.. i can sooo relate ... at least yours aren't all dark and sunken.. i look like i been beat with an ugly stick!

happy humpday