Saturday, August 2, 2008

school clothes and cops

the cops yep they were chasing this car
yep there were tons and tons
like ten or 11 cars...dave would not stop so i could take more pictures, no adventure i tell u

O.k. we got a new target..yep the ancipation of it all, and we go there to go clothes shop for the girls.....we all walk in.. check out there prices.. and head straight for wal-mart.. yep we spent half of what we would of spent at target...

and then when we walked out there we like ten or twelve cop cars......hmmmmmmmmmso now i must ask every stranger that i see as i'm walking into staters bro.. because stater bro.s is right across the street from wal-mart and that is where we go next.. and yep i find out that there was a police chase and three guys got my boring day does bring excitement!


Tee said...

Oh no! This sounds like the area we live in--sometimes not so good. This has been sales tax free shopping the past three days, and it has been a mot at all the shopping areas. We went to the outlet yesterday, why I don't know, but we went. You could not walk for the people. It was worse than Christmas. We won't do that again!

Thanks for stopping by my site.

simonsays said...

That sounds bad, but I'm glad they got the bad guys..

I live right next to a Target, and I think they are expensive, too.

Happy Sunday.