Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My year

Has been good, and very blessed as you all know...then michelle gets a new puppy... and tankie is gonna be a daddy , we found him the PERFECT women lab, she is a yellow lab, and whats funny is her owners last name is mcdonald, no relation to my sisters family....she is papered and we will proably get one...o.k. if we do do this we'll be getting one... very cool, tankie jr.
now for my new years stuff... things i will be doing and hoping to do.....I will be starting a new job, at the boys and girls club, i will stick with the brownies as The girls love me, ummmmmm,be a better mom, see my a better wife, cook more,,(recipes please, easy ones )lose weight..try to be a better person, more caring and patienced...not smoke..have not had a cig all day, not since last night....ummmmm,see my family sister only lives ten fifteen minutes away and we never see each other...( we are both busy, but still we are sisters who should make more time for each other)see my mom more....

o.k and lastley try to post at least 1 time a day!

Well happy new years to all my friends!

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Beth said...

Way to Go! I'm impressed- I just wanted to clean my oven this year.

Anonymous said...
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desert dirt diva said...

the party was great we stayed the night and yes steve made breakfast as promised,staying the night after a party is better than driving after a few....the night of the b-day party we did not stay the night but did have breakfst over there:)