Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our fun day

This is sassy Alex's new babt
And she is 4 years old,potty trained, which is a real plus
Alex on his birthday
His birthday spanking
tanky and his girlfriend
check out the deer
this puppy is really smiling......

karen and i had a really good day.. we are going to the poison concert tonight and she just arrived ,so i must go.. have a great night.. and i will write about the deer we saw when we were leaving wrightwood.....


Smocha said...

I used to LOVE Poison!!! You witchbag!

Is your dogs gf a blanket?

Who is that baby Grull? OMG ...I want her:)

Alli..15...*sniff* they grow up soo fast.

Hope ya'll have fun !
Love me

simonsays said...

OMG -- That smiling dog is a crack up!

Hope your concert was so much fun!

Long weekend ahead, anything fun planned?


Anonymous said...

I guess you took a good pic of Red boy, He's the best pup, what a Smile!! I love him too bunches!!