Saturday, November 14, 2009

theres nothing like clam chowder....

My backyard, at sunset.....

the clan ,Tank, Molly,Bella on her hind legs, and sassy

Thanks Val, I think I got It right this time.. and it is smelling soooooooooo GOOD.....

Ok let me start from the beginning When i was a child my grandma made the best clam chowder this side or anyside of california.....she used clams and celery stalk, the leaves from celery an onion ,potatoes and i thought condensed milk.. but thinking back on it she used evaporated milk...and told me to make sure it was not condensed..damn! to my shock and horror they only make sweetend condensed milk, which is what she did not use, you see when i used to make my clam chowder i would call my grandma a millions times asking her this or that..... wel as i am making my clam chowder my base is good.... really good , then i start pouring in the milk.. and let me tell you do not use sweet condensed milk it ruined my whole pot.. it was the worst, so i e-mailed val....and she sent me this recipe....which i now have cooking...thank god she did not send me her no. because i would of been calling her asking the paticular questions....but its all good and val you rock , my house smells good.....

So yesterday as we know was fri. the 13th.. ughhhhhhh, and it was a bad day.. first off i was walking threw the house and twisted my ankle ...damn it hurt then i go lay down getting off my foot and knock over a whole can of soda, which went int my puse, and to top all that off, when i was walking out the door, smash my finger..... grrrrrrrrrrrrr...we were suppose to have clam chowder but you all now what happened to Dave took me out to a reatarant called gino's and it was the best.......

well today just sitting here doing nothing , hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A meme

Where is your cell phone? Not to sure close bye tho
Your significant other? In bed
your hair? BROWN AND GRAY
Your mother? face booking
Your father? who knows
Your favorite thing? lots
Your dream last night? DON'T REMEMBER
Your favorite drink? flavored water
Yourdream/goal? to get my house in order
What room are you in? dining room
Your hobby? READING
Your fear? My kids dieing/being murder
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy
Where were you last night? The show
Something that you aren't? Skinny
Wish list item? A NEW CAR OR HARLEY
Last thing you did? ATE DINNER
What are you wearing? jeans and a t-shirt
TV? grey anatomy which i just missed
Your pets? 4 dachshunds, 3 cats 1 tortoise
Friends? Great....
Your mood? Happy
Missing someone? a few someones...
Your Car? suburban, gas sucking pig
Something hard about your work? watching allot of kids and making sure no one gets hurt
Kids? wendi 26,alex 16, lynzie10,victoria9, michelle 9..and my step daughter 28.
Something you're not wearing? SHOES
Your favorite store? ROSS is my new favorite store,
Your favorite color? burgundy
When is the last time you cried?Last night at the movies
......Who will resend this? lena
Where do you go to over and over? WALMART
Five people who email me regularly? Karen bambi, lena,whom?????
My favorite place to eat? tokyo steak, yea baby
Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? exploring england with my friend..we would have so much fun....
Here's what you are supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun...Hit'forward,' delete my answers, type in your answers and send it to a bunch ofpeople, including me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dave is out of town and our

taxes are almost taken care of .. thank you crystal for all your help , and mom for your ear and shoulders.....

Dave did go to the bay area for a couple days but he had to clear the bay area union and they would not clear him so home he came, and that was Fri.. so he made it into town.. Fri night just in time to go pick up the girls, and I can stay in town to go get a decent blouse for his Christmas party on sat.....which i did then he meets me we get some dinner and off to the show to see Christmas Carrol , the new one with Jim Carey.. it was really good, mind you my husband is exhausted, he has been up since 5 driven 8 hours, and has not rested till we hit the movie theater.. so we are watching the movie in a packed theater, and i suddenly hear the sound of some one snoring LOUDLY........yep I look over and there is my husband head back, mouth open, just snoring at the top of his lungs....Dave..Dave...wake up....DAVE WAKE he asks me how the movie was.....

The Christmas party as always was fun...he works for a good company, and they treat there guys ot was nice......

Tonight was also good, since dave is out of town and my son is staying the night at his friends house, I bought the movie up, and yes it is a cute kids movie..we had ourselfs a girls night, I just love these great moments and memories ......with my kids! There is nothing like a good family...and values....

One last thing..the girls got there report cards....lynzie got all A's and the girls got all S's that's what they give 3rd grade grading...still waiting on my sons..

yea it worked i did it i uploaded a picture with no problems

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chores and kids...CHECK

And i'm gonna kick my sons butt CHECK. as soon as dave leaves town he seems to think that well he can do and say what he wants.. well that is not working well for me and now not for him...cell phone.. no more check...stereo.. no more...check...x-box 360.. put away deep in the pits of his new hell....check....he will now never ever say these words to me ever when i tell him he needs to or has not done anything...and i quote" I just want to be like Lynzie"... What in the heck is wrong with these friggin kids today and thinking they don't have to do chores and when they do thinking we have to re-finace our house to pay them...not in my world.. now or ever.....i remeber when i was a kid I got 25 cents.. and was a days kids think they need twenty bucks aweek...sorry kids , not happening.. even if there was no recession..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Talking about being mad, i believe i never ever have been this mad at my son.......

Anyways yes dave did leave for the bay area..he is in oakland..and yes today is also his birthday which is really sad..i can say i do really miss him and he has only been gone one day..and I am used to him being out of town.. This time it is diffrent I don't no...diffrent...

Anyways I just wanna tell you bout my dog as this is the most exciting thing in my life as of lately....Well we have a dog and her name is Molly she is ichelles dog, we got her after her dog pork chop hung himsel...anyways the other night we all go to bed and I take a sleeping pill have for years.. and when i do go to sleep am that way dead to the world....well I guess after my coma sleep has set in, dave said the dachshunds.. (*my baby bella and alexs's dog sassy would not stop barking then he hears Molly just howling and really crying.. welll he runs out side..Dressed only in what god has givin him and molly has jumped the fence , but her leg has got caught in the fence ornament...he finnally gets her back paw undone and tells me a couple hours later, when i finally wake from my coma state that molly has a broken paw.......mind you this dog can jump and clear a eight foot fence..Damn another bill when i go out to take the kids i check her paw and it looks just fine...and now dave and i are both confident that this little accident has cured her from jumping fences and bye the grace of god her paw is fine....WELL Her paw is fine but i'll be damned she has not learned her lesson and that dang dog is still jumpimg fences....ugh insert pictures...of fence...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whoever said owning a house is

The best thing in the world, LIED, I have had more streess since i bought this house than i think i ever had wondering were the heck i was gonna get my rent from... if a damn water pipe broke the fix is just a phone call away to the beloved or not sometimes landlord( i mostly had good ones).. and NO this is what my post is about !!!TAXES... and they suck.. i never relized it till I got my first tax bill... they more than double and i have only been in this damn house..ok i do love my house since july....the tax asseser people seem to think my house value has like doubled....I don't see how...we fix broken pipes..we have a boat load of tree's that are dead and when the dreaded wind blows they fall(hence tons of fire wood) for the fire place , wood burning stove as our heater does not if this is how our house value has doubled than i'll be damned...lets cut those oout buildings down.. and let the weeds overide the horse arena i'll never us.....and then lets see if my taxes drop!! with my luck they ed raise the damn things again.....

o.k. anyways dave has been working , oh thank god, because since this little tax hike my mortage went up....oh yea the tax subject was closed...grrrrr..anyways he will be going up to the bay area,maybe wed. happy birthday sucks but work is what it is....on the upside.. he is gona try and get ahold of his cousin and aunt...and maybe get to see them..he has not been able to see them in a couple of years....

so how was everyones halloween? mine pretty good, my sister came over and picked up our whole family we went to itown and i had a really nice time, hardly any houses were giving out stuff, but the night was great no mishaps..and the kids had a ball!!!
well this is it for tonight.. get back here soon..and just because i have not commented does not mean i have not read your blog