Sunday, July 13, 2008

My big news

Well as everyone knows, that dave and i are not married, but all that will change this weekend....we are going to vegas and doing the deed, yes we are getting married the room is reserved, the car is rented my dress will be bought tomarrow, and the rest will be married bliss.. o.k. so i guess this means my domestic duties will increase....hmmmmmmmm yea o.k. i will make breakfast more, less hamburger helper...that sounds good to me......know really i am soooooooooooo happy i will be mrs vicki E....which means that after this weekend our intials will really spell out dave.

D ave
A nd
V icki
E d*&^%$%
thats kinda cool......

so till tomarrow...
night all


Mary said...

Many best wishes to the bride and contgrats to the groom. I hope you are as happy as Harry and I are.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I followed the outing you and Smoocha had to the "little round house with no potty." What fun the two of you must have had.

Please visit often. Old ladies get lonesome, you know. (They tell me I'm old but I just don't feel it.)

simonsays said...

I am so happy for you. :)


Brad said...

Congrats Mrs. Vicki E.

I throw rice on you both.