Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm losing my mind

so last night i went to try on my dress.. and yes folks i have relized i REALLY need to diet!i also relized i am a saint bernard with a chiwawa mind.. yes i am freakin huge and wth was i thinking when i bought my dress?????IN MY bathroom light (which is pretty bright) i see rolls of my wonderful fat self...yes spankx i think are in order.. but then i think my god its friggin strapless.. so what if i have a wonderful pair of legs.. (thanks mom, we all have good looking legs) but this is the only thing i got from my mom i got the rest from my dads .. (thanks dad you didn't like me when you were alive and you gave me all your bad genes(GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
so on to my plight what do i do, no i can not return it........i maybe able to exchange it.....god i never thought getting married would be so damn hard..
Hmmmmmm i could always go with what i know LEVIS...yea...know can't do that either... god i hate my fat self....o.k. no i don't but right now i wish i had did my diet ... walked those miles.. ect.. enough whinning i must go take a shower and get ready to go to vegas yea!!!!!!!and not friggin stress so much.... what a time to quit smoking......hey someone pass me a smoke!!!!


Golden To Silver Val said... sound like me! Its a full moon and that's why we women get so emotional. Don't think bad of yourself. If the dress doesn't fit, then get something else...but maybe you could buy a lacy type bolero or shrug to wear and it would help cover up some spots that are giving you grief. Just remember, honey, your guy has seen you every which way by now...and he loves every bit of try to turn down the stress meter. (I know...I know...easier said than done). If you have any FASHION BUG stores out your way...they have a great selection in sizes way up higher than you'll ever need...but the clothes are trendy looking and not old-ladyish...and the prices are very reasonable. Have a wonderful weekend..starting today. You'll be fine....honest!

Smocha said...

Ha! You just have the pre-wedding jitters my dear!This is one of those times when we women are our own worst critics.

I can't help laughing ...because this is so unlike you and yet so like you. LOL

Your little girl is showing.:)
I'm sure it will all be fine. Like Charlotte said, get a wrap of some sort for around your shoulders.
Just calm and remember ....this is your wedding day and you will look beautiful!

Picture me there, holding your nervous hand:)

Love me

Jamie said...


I am so happy for you. And whatever on the dress, I KNOW you looked beautiful in your wedding.

I sincerely am happy for you.



Smocha said...

Update this thing with pictures NOW!!!!

Love me

desert dirt diva said...

thank you all for your nice comments and yes i was bridzillea, which was totaly shocking!