Monday, July 14, 2008

my dress

O.k. so i have been up since 6 if ya all can believe that stressing on getting a dress.. wish my aunt could still sew.. she used to make awsome stuff....and i would ask to whip me up something.. but well like everything else, she can't anymore due to some terrible med problems...don't get me wrong she is still healthy as a horse and gots more energy than i do on my best day..just her hands aren't what they used to be...she also used to make the best cakes in the world too....anyways so i need to get a dress today..on limited budget, but that i can wear again.. i don't wanna spend a 100.00 on something that will just hang or get stuffed in my closet.....then the shoes i think i will go with heels..hmmmmmmm... yea maybe.. god i'm so nerous.. and then my god awful hair what will i do with it.. i don't want to put it up then my neck rolls will show.....but its too frizzy to just let hang......i wanna look good for dave... i mean i know he's seen me at my birth is not a pretty sight.....but still i'm not giving birth..i'm getting married.....oh such stress and i have know one to help me..!!!!!!!!!!!!i wish my mom lived closer.....grrrrrr.. mom's are always good stress relievers.....oh well today bye the end ,I will have the most perfect dress...(god i hope)....and no i will not be going to one of those TRASHY drive threw window wedding things.. hope i can get a good chapel.... wendi will be brother might come ,it depends on witch day we decide and how laurie is feeling....its too hot for my mom to drive there...I wish my sister could be there we'll just wait and see.....dave's dad might come , depends on what day we decide too.. fri or sat....hmmmmmm dave's aunt maybe might go....not sure yet.....god i'm nervous..never been like this before in my life.......god and maybe someone would come if we gave more notice.. ya think...well this is what dave wants and since he said now i'm not gonna say no.. he could change his damn


SOUL: said...

i hope you found the perfect dress !! did you?

i didn't even know you were gettin married... congrats girl.

i hope it all goes perfect for you both-- always.

desert dirt diva said...

thanks.. wish your sister could be there.....but she will be in sprit

Smocha said...


If any millionaire reads this and wants to buy me a ticket ...I'll take it. LOL

Put some infusion in your hair...comb it and let it dry naturally! NO blow dryer!!
It will be gorgeous curls! Try it the day before if ya don't believe me.

I'm so excited my witchbag! I'm going to find your shoes.

Love me