Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my girls..a day late

This is about one of the uglist cats i've ever seen,

My twins.....Victoria, on the leat michelle on the right

My twins as babies...Victoria on the left Michele on the right

maybe i should of posted these yesterday...anyways nothing much here.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sister Elisabeth

This is sister elisabeth, she is 98 years of age....And it was such an honor just to talk with her..

Where to start...mind boggles this morning...

once a year , in the small town of pearblossom, they have a huge yard sale that starts on the street of long view and goes all the way up to fort tejon,and it was great.(our first time), my sister usaully goes every year,anyways the sales are good, and it is at this same time, that the abby, had there fall festival,it is so nice up there,and i saw allot of people i knew, the grounds are just awsome, so michelle and i went into the picture gallery, and this is were i met sister elisabeth..I could not believe how good she looked, I met her and I asked her if i might take her picture,and she said yes... she grabbed my hand said a few really nice words, (this is were i got goose pimples)...

then we were off, we found a really pretty silver cross with puprple stones, it shines alomst like diamonds in the sun....I believe it is the prettiest cross i've seen....can't wait to get a chain for it...

then we went to dave's brother..we had a good time, and for all of you who does not no what to do with there left over turkey at thanksgiving make turkey and dumplings it is so yummy.....hope everyone had a nice weekend.. well i must go get dave ready for work he leaves for az. in a couple of hours!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Redondo beach,after the wedding.....

So we go to redondo and we park, and when walking threw the parking lot what do we see, a man and a women in a car with the women head in his lap!!!!!yea what could they be doing....as i start screaming Dave grab the camera , check this out,lol.....and you can tell they both froze.....what a moment......Some people just have no class....anyways we went to Tony's on the pier, (ate steamer's)clams, god there so good, had a drink,went back to the truck,(said couple was gone)..went to the crab shack, )god I love that place),ate crab, had a drink, went back to the room..when we got up, we went down to breakfast....yummy,then went back to room, Dave said he was not feeling well..so he slept for about an hour, then we left.. and man let me tell you he really was sick, my poor hubby, we went bye his old job site, as you will see on my video, the casitas's look nice, and it looks like there just about done with the dirt work, i took pictures as we were driving down the coast but the ones of the lite house are the ones where his job was.......anyways when we got home , he went straight to bed, (this is when i knew he really was sick, he called into work, Dave never calls in....so my poor hubby really was sick..the reason i did not think he was sick is because he was starting work on the freeway, and he hates working on any freeway, it's really nerve racking....but then he has never called in just because he hates his job, site either.....when he worked on the 14 people would throw trash bottles ect. at him and his co-workers(for my new blog readers,my husband is a heavy equipment operator.....well i must go shower..and get ready for work, god its hot outside,95+, I just keep telling myself, only 2 hours.....in the sun..hmmmmmmmmm maybe I'll bring an umbrella..to shade me..... video

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A prayer for seb.....

An american solider, he can't drink a beer legaly but he will be going to russia next month to fight in the war.....yes we are at war with russia..or we are gonna be..He is seventeen and a very nice kid!

he is my good friends son.....so say a prayer for seb...and a very awsome kid......

Monday, September 22, 2008

The wedding

here are the wedding pictures..its was a beatiful wedding...
the bride was gorgous...the before pictures, tho, are of the chickens that just love my mom's yard...the pictures of the fire are of the car burning on the freeway we saw on our way back from the wedding.. and the pictures of reddondo will be next.......hope everyones weekend was as good as mine!just one more note about the wedding, samathas dad passed a few years ago, and so did the grooms, before they said there vows they said and had a moment of silence,for both billy and james dad..it was so incredible, bye the time it was over we were all crying our eyes out......I beleive this was about the most touching wedding i've ever been to, including my own!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I got'em

My teeth that is , oh boy was that a momment, when i get there i try to put them in and there not workin for me, i can not even get them in.....damn grrrrrrrrrr
so he takes them in the back then and gets the big dremal out...yahoo we got teeth....
then i get home and dave tells me to make reservations at redondo.. as we are gonna kind of be almost there this weekend...sort of, my oldeset friends daughter is getting married...bye oldest i mean i have known toni for 41 years.. our daughters are three weeks to the day apart, and we have been threw more than allot of friends have been threw, and know it was not all good...or was it bad....it was what it was....and we still are friends as if we just saw each other , its really cool.....anyways..her daughter is getting married,and we are going , which will be cool....i'm excited.. can't wait to post those picture..hmmmmmmmm maybe toni will let me take pics of her this time......

anyways have a great day....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The kids


These are my good kids...well except for Alex thinking he is gonna run my life since he is in high school now, but that is another story.....

so yesterday i am at school, admiring the wall of fame(at my school the wall of fame is equal to student of the month)anyways, I'm looking and there is Victoria's name I smile how cool,then hark there is Michelle's name, now let me tell you that is a first for me, my twins on the wall of fame at the same time...oh but hold up.. are my eyes deceiving me there is lynzies name...Oh my god ALL 3 of my kids are on the wall of fame at once is is such a rare thing,I am bursting with pride....so yes i am bragging, because i start thinking man 5 years ago who would of thought i would be at this place in my life..I work at the school, I have great kids(except that teenager stage is gonna kill me)...I'm a brownie leader again....and now a football mom, yes my son is playing football... he calls me yesterday and asks"mom can you pick me up from practice"?his first practice,so when i pick him up i ask him what position he is playing he's not sure a blocker person.....well whats that ? this is when i find out my son no's nothing about football...lol. he is trying to get extra credit points, well kudos to him, because i figure , by the time he is done, he will be in real good shape, no a new game...and have fun, plus keep his grades up! so those are all plus's....

before i have to pick him up tho, i go drop off my teeth, dentures, and they tell me we will have your teeth back by 5:ooPM tonight.. so i have to miss work today.. and as i'm lazing around, i get the phone call, Vicki your teeth will not be done till tomorrow...grrrrrrrrrrrr, but what can i do .....nothing just wait it out but i still have to go out in public to pick up my son once again with no teeth.. i think i will just sit in my car and wait for him......anyways have a great day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

follow my blog..

so on the right hand side just click on the follow my bog...and then you'll be following my blog..

well the weather has been great here, my heart goes out to the victims of ike...and my prayers....

last night we went to a neighborhood bbq, which was quite cool, all the neighbors got to gether and we all got to know each other a little better, which was a first for me....but there nice people, and of course the trashy next door neighbors were not there.....

anyways i must go, plese feel free to sign my following blog thing!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A moment of silence

To all the men ,women and children who lost there lives on this day...
and to all the american soldierds at war..

Well today was 911 so i thought I would post a flag and ask for a moment of silence....
god bless each and every one of you.

P.s. these pictures i took on my way out of school today....there our schools flags

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kern river, headquarters campground

Please be patienct, the first few pictures are of i don''t know what...the baby kitty who did not make it....

the rest are of the river, we had a great spot, this place was called headquarters, and it was great... we did fish but got nothin.. i wanted to call soul and get some advice, but did not have her no. so any advice for our next trip would be great....the fish that i am holding was well half dead..anyways this is were i want to go for my first wedding anniversary...and dave does agree!

the water edge was only about 10 , 20 feet from our camp and it was all sandy. and no rocks..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well i am not sure if the baby kitten is o.k. i sent him to my friends, son, girlfriends house who has a gift for baby animals...so hoefully he is o.k.

we went camping and had an awsome time....but had bad news.. we had a dog named pork chopped who loved to jump fences, sunday afternoon, he got loose with the cable running beside him or how ever it happened anyways right before we got home we got the news that pork chop jumped my fence his cable got stuck around a bike frame and he got hung... he was a good boy.. tho.. por michelle was devasted ....but she is doing well...

anyways have a great day

Thursday, September 4, 2008

oh what a crappy day...lol

So i have not updated lately but all i've been doing is working coming home and doing laundry, went to a couple of bbq's last weekend had a few bevy's.. o.k. maybe a few to many.. note to self STOP drinking chelada's.. but god there so good( for those of you who don't know a chelada is a bud light with clamato) and there are soooooooooo yummy...

so today we are getting ready to go back to the river with the in-laws...and i'm busy at work thinking of my busy day... finish work.. go to the bathroom...flush toilet....(damn, in goes my cell phone) fish my phone outta the toilet..(yes it still works)go home eat...get to brownies.. yes, i'm a brownie leader again...get home find half live kitty on porch...(damn cat is having her babies again and dropping them everywhere and leaving them behind......)Get ready to go to alex's back to school night, then go grocery shopping for camping trip... get home deal with kitty that is still alive.....god why do u do this to me......make dave's dinner and now here i am telling you all about my day!

one more thing...just wanna say happy birthday to the youngest 71 year old man i know...my uncle...he is very cool and still looks good.....its amazing and thank god i have a crumb of those genes,via my grandmother....I love you uncle ray..Hope your birthday was a smash...or just fun.

have a great weekend will be posting pic.s monday night ...as i'm going to the dentist to get my upper plate fixed and they will keep my teeth so i will not be going anywhere after that .......are'nt you all glad to know this......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

weighing ing

the proper way to weigh yourself