Sunday, June 28, 2009

I made it home

just went back to the dr.s yesterday and thank god for dry heat!!!! I never ever thought i would say that!! and my plans to retire to ar, are dismissed, the humidty in the summer is enough to KILL this california girl if i do say so.. But i did have a good time and i love seeing my friend.........i miss her and our trip went bye to fast, I was still sick so that did not help, but we had a good time, and i must say smocha is an excellent cook, i gained 5 pounds, after losing twenty..grrrrrrrrrrrr, (days later) but i went to the dr.s yesterday again ,i lost the weight i gained, and the pnemonia(still spelt wrong) has moved to the middle of my lungs, and this damn headache will not go away..
our house closed last fri.. and do you think i have packed one box...hell you think i have done one thing to my nw house nope..
hopefully today we get paint , thats if we can get dave in gear!!!!!!!!
and man i wanna a cig so bad i'm ready to start ripping heads off!
well i must go.. bitch at someone else.. and sorrry about the bad language!~


Smocha said...

I talked to you about one second after you posted this and then I waited and waited and were supposed to call me back. remember? LOL

I can NOT believe that you still have pneumonia! WTH?? What does it mean that it has moved to the middle of your lungs??WHY is it not going away??
Are you smoking ZERO cigs now?
You should go here and read the forums. It helps sometimes.

When are you supposed to move into the new house??

I am still waitng for more pics of it. :)

Hope you feel good today.

Love me
p.s. go comment on MY dang blog:)

SOUL: said...

maybe it's more than pneumonia? i would see a different dr. don't you think? can you? they all think they're right--they all think they're God-- but half of them don't know a dang thing about a dang thing!!! see someone else! :)) please.

and soul goes braindead. oops. nothin new, but i did forget everything else i was gonna say. maybe next time. hmmmm

anyhow-- since you don't wanna pack your house-- feel free to come pack mine :))