Saturday, June 20, 2009

Video virgin....

Ola Peeps,

It's me, Smocha.......guest posting up in here. Today we took the boat out for the first time since Poodles has been here. Go Us! We inadvertently picked the hottest day of the year. It was 100 freakin' degrees. About 5 seconds out of the water and you felt like you were being burned at the stake.
The boat was covered in spider webs, spider poo and spiders themselves,so before we could really enjoy ourselves we had to remedy that situation. We got on rafts and went around the entire boat with hand towels ,then she stayed on a raft and followed me while I wiped down the top side, toss the rag down....she rinsed it out ,then tossed it back up.The temperature of the seats was about to cause 3rd degree burns on my knees. To hell with all spiders!!!You bastards!
Then we ate our fabulous lunches we had packed and baked ourselves like lobsters.
I would have liked to stayed out even longer ,good thing we didn't because I had no idea how burned up I was.
On the drive home Vicki used her cameras video for the first time. Even though it appears to have been filmed by a raging drunk, I assure you that is not the case. We were stone sober. It was the waves and the power of our boat. :)) wink, wink.
After we got home we went and got some movies and some Starbucks with "extra shots" like we needed that! In case you noticed the time of this post , that is WHY.
We just watched Revolutionary Road one word....DEPRESSING!
and one word......GOOD.(but only if you can understand the fast British accents) Tear jerker too.

We'll write the story of our camping adventure tomorrow.

Love Us


SOUL: said...

i sawthe video the other day-- it wasn't so bad.

we also watched that movie-- saturday -- soulmans first words before it even started? :this has chick flick written all over it"
funny thing? he couldn't take his eyes off it--- well, that is until about 2/3 the way through when we got a phone call that we had to go "somewhere" -- and pick up on it later.

so the only tears we shed had nothin to do with the movie-- in fact-- we had all the major parts figured out before they happened.

but - it is a recommended movie. good flick.

keep on havin fun.

Anonymous said...

Diva, did this blog take a Dive or What, Nothing really NEW anymore??