Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy fourth everyone

So what is everyones plan for today......we are going to our friends, deb and steve having a bbq , and shooting off fireworks...the dr.s did tell me it would be alright to have a drink or two, but i'm not feeling it...this dang headache and all...

well soul you were right you should always get a contractor to check out your newly purchased house, or ya might have problems you can not the water not turning on in your kitchen or bathroom sinks!!!! or the broken pipes out bye your horse arena ,thank god we have a friend who knows how to fix these things we just hope it does not cost us an arm and a leg and all our savings, oh thats right we have no savings...and when you do buy said house ten miles outside of town, make sure you lock it up the day you get the keys or people will be stealing your horse corral fences....and whatever else they feel they need!!!!!!

looks good huh..

well have a good day and be safe.....


SOUL: said...

are you serious????
broken pipes, and thieves?????
holy crap sista!
well.. look on the bright--er side--- it can only get better from here.. right? well, we can hope.
i'm so sorry to hear this. trust me, i know how ya feel. been there done that-- more than once.
how big was the fence? will your insurance cover it? do you "need" it right now? or can you do it one panel at a time? make sure y'all concrete those damn posts in!!!

anyhow-- i hope you guys had fun anyways.

why aren't you sposed to drink? meds? or some other reason? yep , i do have nosey moments. :))

i can't believe y'all got to do your own fireworks in the damn desert--- and we didn't. it would have been so much easier. my kid woulda been happy with a dollar box of sparklers !

happy monday