Thursday, June 18, 2009

well i made it

these babies are so sweet
omg i just wanna lovem and take m home

yep i made it with minimal problems, outside of missing my plane, then being on stand bye for the rest of the day, now that the pneumonia is gone, i believe i have a dang cold now.. sweeeeeeet.....its been very hot and humid, how humid you ask, well yesterday we get into the truck smocha turns on the air and my glasses fog up immediately...and the hotness of it all!!!!!! this is the first time i have been here this late in June and its hot.. OK enough bitchin about i finally get here after like i said i miss my plane.. i am suppose to be on stand bye, i check in my luggage they send it off into the wild airport luggage place, and i go talk to a ticket lady who got me onto an earlier stand bye plane m, score.. so i'm off up up we go, i get to Dallas, then off to little rock.. things are rolling smoothly, then it hits me, where will my luggage be, dang on the later stand bye flight not the one i had caught , i get into little rock about 5:30 PM but my luggage will not be here till 8... grrrrrrrrrrr, so we go grab a bite to eat and get my luggage and we are on our way to little rock!!!yea our adventure has begun!

yesterday we we had lunch with floozie 1 and her sister, then went to some thrift stores..wal-mart came back,had a nap, talk to my real estate guy, (my house closes next Tues.)umm went to the pool, floozie 2 was there, we had a good girl time, meet g5 and his wife nosey, very very nice people, went out see the baby deer, and oh my god they are the cutest little things i have seen in sometime!!!!they make these little baby noises, while sucking on your ears, they were so adorabley cute...

anyways i must get off here and go take my shower and get ready to go we are camping today yea...hope its not to humid the heat i can handle the humidity is the worst!