Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last a nut shell

Ok let me see last year went to vegas for my grandsons birthday..lost my sister in law too cancer...went back to vegas to tell her goodbye..won a few radio contest..won nascar tickets, gave them away..went to ark.went to graceland..found out out owning a home is not a easy..when your leech field goes it is expensive..had a lot of laughs..cried allot..lost 2 dogs to parvo...won season tickets to universal studios..went there daughter moved back home, with her son moved back to his dads, came home for christmas.....had a good christmas realized how blessed I am....and now my new year starts.
So far this year..i have spent time with my whole family...(all my kids) made no new year I can't break them..found a bithchen blender on the side of the road...and all is well...tommorrow I go back to work..can't wait!

Be back soon....