Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He is alright..

So I get to work yesterday, and when I walk in to the office I hear, yes the kids are all fine, mis bus driver is fine,a car ran a stop sign...and my mind starts to race, the tears start,and a mood swing begins, my grand son is on that bus...all I keep thinking, aryn is fine, and stop crying......then I go to said post..have a couple other things happen, which I am not allowed to say, and as I am leaving the playground,I check my phone..I get a text from my son saying"we can leave school till the cops clear the area"or even get on the bus.....wth, oh yea he lives in az, again my mind is I call him immediately and he says calmly , oh he just left school and know he has no idea what happened.

So how was your day?.
Thank god today is a new day.hope it is better!


SOUL said...

what????? calm down and repeat please. or is it ok just knowing that everyone is ok?
bout time you get to postin woman. ha-- like i'm one to throw stones :))
happy weekend! --

Merle said...

Dear Vicki ~~ What an awful fright you must have got with the school bus being in an accident. But no onewas hurt, possibly a bit shook up like their Mom. Thank God.
Thank you so much for your concern and prayers for Australia. The floods have been horrific and so many lost their homes and everything in them
especially in Queensland. They are still about New South Wales and also Victoria. but with less damage
I am so glad you liked the jokes
We all needed a laugh.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

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