Friday, September 18, 2009

Mood swings and swine flu

Well she does not have swine flu or they would have called me but she does have the poor baby... now that i have not had a cig in over a friggin month, I ask you all when does this mood swinging cravings Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when because i want a cig so bad I can feel it between my fingers......slowly moving it up to my lips... liting it...taking that deep breath...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm of death......yep death for me...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
so then i have to strong be strong.. and now you all now why i have not posted... mood swinging to bad......
glad thou my bff made it to england now just wanting to hear how the animals are doing are they getting aliong...ECT.......well this is all got.


Jamie said...

I feel for you...but you have made it so far, you can do this!!!

Sorry your kiddo has the flu, hopefully you won't have a whole family with it soon.

Hugs, hang in!

Smocha said...

I updated poops , go read all about it.

The flu sucks. Poor baby.

The mood swings may just be your natural personality. ROFLMAO !

just kidding:)

Love me

SOUL: said...

how bout the ole M - word eh?
are you sweatinG? haha.
don't give in...don't give in...don't give in!!!!
too much at stake. if anyone ever needed to quit-- and had as many people want them to succeed-- it's you-- and the folks who love you.
don't light -up. i know you're strong enough to not. k.

anyhow--- i remember the flu when i was 10 -- ugh -- your poor kid.

take care -

Anonymous said...

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