Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two weeks yea hoo

Yep its been two weeks and no cigs, and i have not taken chantix either... yea, can't chew the gum because it gives me a headache.. so far so good.. i figure a couple more weeks and i am safe...val had a good idea the money i would have used for cigs, and use it for a rainy day.......that sounds like a good idea but, everytime i go to town starbucks jups out in front of me... well i was suppose to start working back at the school tomorrow but i can't with all this smoke in the valley... yes i'm sure you have heard cali is burning again, this time its close to home, in the mountains around where i grew up.. its really awful!

no my dentures were not ready..i have never ever heard of a dentist office taking ! year to get one set of dentures to a person.. i'm starting to think maybe they should line these babys with gold or something.....i have another appt next week and if they are not done i'm calling my insurance....
well hope your sunday is going good!


Smocha said...

Call me poo poo! I can't find your number!!!

Love me

Karen Mc Donald said...

That's Fantastic!!

Jamie said...

Two weeks is awesome! YEA DDD!!!


Brad said...

Well I guess I;m next on the stop smoking bus - eeek - I really need to do it but my heads just not there yet - dang - hope your doing good sunshine!

Jamie said...

Well where are you these days? Just checking in on you...hope things are going well. Hugs, friend. :)

SOUL: said...

mortie, the head of the herd-- that cracked me up--
sorry your town is on fire-- again-- you know what they say about california-- hmmm. they're gonna have to cut it off and throw it in the ocean to put out the hell fires -a - burnin...
ok so that was my own bad joke-- sorry, i couldn't resist.
really-- it's my old stompin grounds too-- so i really do hate it too.

anyhow-- congrats on the not smokin-- i am proud of you-- keep it up-- we want you around a LOT longer k---

you know-- you can post on high speed at the school library-- or any library-- well-- when you can get to town that is.

take care girlie--