Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mood swings and menopause

yes soul i do believe i am menopauseing hard.. and the sweats .....i can take a showeer in the sweat i have been doing....and thanks for all the support you said yea....I have now gone 8 weeks and no cigs not a one yea!

And thanks smocha yes i believe my mood swings are a hard rough part of my personality..but would ya have me any other way....????and now that cigs are barely a part of my life,....i am much kinder..sort of.

and jamie your just so sweet. my baby is just fine ,it was not the swine flu....but there have been reported cases of it at there school..and also at my sons school.....

well yesterday i wake up, and gave my twins there ninth birthday presents hugs and kisses and a couple of tears, my babies are growing up FAST!and they curl there hair with no help from mommie, because they can...sniffle....and then the phone rings , it says out of town...I do not answer out of town calls...but i hear this voice....oh oh its smocha..wheres the phone ....find the phone, and i finnally was so perfect.......sometimes you just need that one call to lift up your sprits....and as i'm talkin to her i hear her babies, cavuto, o'reilly and of course stiffy (MONKEY)and as we are talking she is tellin me about the cat walks and how people just shun her.. I think there not shuning her, they are so shock to see a cat in a baby stroller,..... there not sure if they should laugh or look down......and of course they turn there heads... now if it was me i would stare and mumble how cute it is!!!of course walk up and start talking!!!!anyways as the conversation moves on , i hear the cat shriek from hell , we are talking loud cat shriek....and ask what the hell....she calmly tells me cavuto has walk in front of monkey...just strolled bye........and her bitchy self goes into over drive.....

so this is what has been going on in my world.....been working at the school sum...but not the boys and girls club.. i believe i should call my boss and ask her whats up is there nothin else anywhere else i will travellll....i just don't want to bug her!


Jamie said...

Yep, I'm with you on the dreaded M.

I am SO proud of you for giving up the cigs...maybe someday.

Happy Thursday! Hugs. :)

SOUL: said...

howdy girl--

yep, me too--
'i'm sweatiNG! feeeeel this!'
(did you ever have that sweet pleasure of gran gran slapping YOUR hand on HER sweaty skin, speaking like some sleezy movie star? LOL
i hope you were lucky enough to miss that one pleasure in life.
bwa hahahahah

i'm glad you got to talk to smocha.. i know that made you both happy! thank God for overseas calls eh?

as for the cigs? i KNOW you can beat em. when YOU don't feel strong enough , just think of all those babies that need you.
doesn't it suck when they get more independent tho?
'but mom, i'd rather do it myself'

boo hoo-- call the whaaaambulance :))

happy thursday DD

Smocha said...

yay! I'm so proud of you. Just remember you can NOT have just one. We have learned this how many times???

I hope the twins had a happy b-day. I can't beleive they're 9. I still can't even believe you have twins. lol

I'm still sick and it's making me a bitchy hag!

Love me

SOUL: said...

wow DD--
you need to update girl!
what is goin on out there in the big dust bowl of life???

happy thursday
hoping you and yours are well