Friday, October 16, 2009

O.k. so I am

So I am a lager .. yep that would be me.. well we are in our house but then you all already new that right and just when i think all is going well ... Yea right.. another pipe beaks.. or it gets so cold we need to use our heater and its broke.. or the dog is climbing the tree.. yes i said climbing the tree to get the cat who now lives on the roof....I have been working tho .. not much at the school , but just enough...its good.. and i am still not smoking.. OK i lie i have smoke... i was at my sisters.. and yes those evil things were sitting there and i took one, OK maybe two... alright I'll be honest.. 4....and i must admit they tasted so frigging good...umm hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!damn and i almost had ten weeks......

whey if any of you live in Cali and have a spare would burning stove pass it here... will travel...ok maybe ...anyways whats every ones plan for the weekend.. we are doing one of my favorite things in the whole wide world ..NO not going to Disneyland or Vegas < going to Edwards air force air show, oh its there 50 th anniversary and there gonna have a reenactment of peril harbour i'm so excited i can't wait.. and yea those pictures i would promise to post ..not happening till i get dsl.. but will be taking plenty...

Have a great weekend my friends!


Karen said...

Yep, my evil cigs we're sittin on MY counter..... and really, I think You like Jim's Cig's better then MINE, but anyways, Have a Great Time @ Edwards, I didn't know it was their 50th!!!!!

<3 Karen

Jamie said...

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. I have to admit though, your attitude is awesome and I'll bet you are the type that just rolls with it, and for that I am jealous.

It is so damned hard to quit smoking---and I am proud of you for what you have done, whether it sticks or not, but you CAN do this.

Hugs friend. Big ones. Things will all work out. :)

SOUL: said...

you just made me remember what i dreamed last night-- ok-- part of it-- you mentioned a pipe breaking-- i was in a flooded basement-- how CREEPY-- i despise basements-- and i haven't even been in one in literally years-- not since we lived in kansas.. and well, at that time? they were kinda handy to have. :))

anyways-- i suggest-- if you go to the movies -- don't waste all that money on 'where the wild things are'
unless you bring a box of kleenex, and are prepared to deal with crying little ones-- yes i said that-- surely the air show will be better-- or was? ugh.. can't keep track.

anyhow-- the smoking wagon is still there for you to hop back onto-- we all know it's hard-- you can beat it-- so you smoked a couple -- no harm, no foul