Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When your keys go missing

does your life stop, and when you can't find the spare does it really stop?????my does , yep i can not find my keys, and of course it was 5 minutes before i had to be at work , so i'm thinking i'll get a ride,THANKS Debbie for coming to my rescue!!!!!!of course i could had rode my bike.. but not 5 minute before work... so i'm thinking i'll ride my bike to my second job.. right wrong again, I totally forgot that the girls are in the after school program, and i have to pick them up. at 3:30 and i also told another parent i would pick up her kids SWEEEET...now how am i gonna pick all these kids up on my bicycle.....I'm not thats how... the kids will all have to do there normal routine i will ride my bike to work, and thurs. i will be on track I hope .. and god i also hope my keys are in daves truck........OR can you say I will be soooooooooo screwed........thats not a good thing ,plus i have the added bonus of my husband harping on me for days..I told you to hang them up, i told you to put them where you can find them... you lose everything.. blah blah blah.. and this time i hate to admit it ..he is right.....dang!!!!!
hope your day is going better than mine!


Beth said...

I'm sorry that your day is one of those bad ones. Definitely look in the couch cushions! If not the keys you're bound to find something else good- money, candy etc...

Dear Liza said...

So...did you find them?

Ugh, HATE when crap like this happens.