Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The highlight of my life

and no I'm not bragging but............I got my Arkansas Dates, and I'm as happy as a pig in a blanket,turkey and gravy,mashed potatoes and butter... you all get the picture I'm sure...oh thank you my smocha......thank you thank you.....we are gonna have the best time, and i got my cleaning thing all packed... yea!!!! Can we go to the yurt....I'm so happy... YEA!!!!!!! no kids for 10 whole days, no husband......just us ladies......Get the bevy's ready!!!O.k. I do miss my kids and husband......BUT we all need a break....WE ARE GONNA HAVE THE BEST TIME YET!

O.k. well as you all know my kids are out of school this week....and last week my aunt sent me some pictures, of us when we where kids, making bread , today my sister is coming over and we will be doing this very thing...let the good times roll....I can't wait to get these pictures and put the old pictures up, i just can't figure how to scan them....Well thats about all going on in my world!


Brad said...

Well that sounds AWESOME! - I'll be looking forward to pics and stories!

SOUL: said...

i love fresh bread--- soulman still reminds me -- "you shoulda never gave our breadmaker away".
hmmm... guess i'll have to learn how to do it like our grammas did.

course-- he is on a low carb diet-- no bread--- so i spose i'm safe for a while---

anyhow-- hope you have a great time at smochas
make bread and send me some :))