Sunday, March 1, 2009


this hot air balloon landed in my yard

but since these too have no manners they had to move

to the yard behind my house, which is vacant

very cool wake up call!

At 45 and still riding, yes i still ride my unicycle and have never ever fell off till last week and bam, i fell straight down on both my knees...ugh, but i did learn one thing never ever ride a unicycle wearing clunky boots..and yes i will still ride:)..

so i have the cold from hell..and it is kicking my butt, last night was full of the glorious coughing fits, and this morning Dave comes running in and yells get up and go look out side and this is what was in my back and i'm sure if these picture things are not in order you can figure it out..have a great dayyard


Smocha said...

That is awesome!How come all the exciting stuff happens everywhere BUT here? LOL

LOve me

Smocha said...

call me poops.
Love me

Anonymous said...

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