Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bicycle bicyclcle

I like to ride my bicycle....yea when all my legs stop shaking and other parts stop hurting HMMMMMMMMMM but i am gona lose this dang weight if it kills me, just pass the oxagen PLEASE! yes i rode to school today 2 miles yea .. and tomorow the same thing and till I drop this weight.. then i might start walking...or fix my tire on my unicycle and ride that...Thats a good thought..and yes i have cut the calories , eating good food..i feel like a rabbit...

Anyways i started working at the boys and girls club yesterday and i think i like it...the kids are great....but by the time school ends i'm really gonna need a vaction.....

so I must go check out my puffies and penquin and buy more stuff for my igloo.. I'm stuck on disneys club penquin game!

have a great day.