Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A sigh of releif.. and how was evryones day??? mine , Well i seem to be missing my husband... couldn't wait for him to get back to work now wishing he was home... family stress and he seems to keep me level, wish familys would just get along and not argue over stupid stuff...there is one thing i have learned from my family , not to take one minute for granted you may not get to have another.......and with that positive note, My little brother should be coming by tomorrow and i promise pictures ,pictures......I do miss him... anyways will update tomorrow...
hope everyone had a great day!!!


Brad said...

Don't let the little stuff get to ya - It sounds like you know that one well enough - Have fun with Bro!

Anonymous said...

i don't see no pix..
how was the visit?
good i hope--